Princess Shyngle goes nude again

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Gambian actress Princess Shyngle has caused a stir once again after a photo of her popped up on social media.

In the new photo sighted by, Shyngle is seen inside a beautiful-looking room almost Standing beside what looked like the entrance to a bathroom, the Gambian held onto her iPhone with one hand in a selfie mode.

Wearing only a black panty, Shyngle who is most popular for her tiny waist had to cover her breasts with the idle hand.

That notwithstanding, the Gambian actress had parts of her breasts clearly showing in the picture.

The photo also showed how Shyngle’s much-famous waist which has given her the nickname ‘tapoli’ (wooden grinder) looked like without clothes.

It is not known when, where, and why Shyngle took this photo but a look on her page shows the photo not to be there suggesting it might have popped up online without her consent.

This is not the first time the Gambian actress has been spotted in such raunchy photos online.

It will be recalled that Shyngle, in August 2019, caused a stir after she released similar photos in which she posed with another nude lady.

In the photos, Shyngle was seen wearing a black-coloured swimsuit while the other lady wore a bikini.

In one of the photos the lady has her head buried in between Shyngle’s thick thighs and it was as if she is eating her out or kissing her private part.


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