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Arnold challenges Ola Michael: “Traditions are ‘useless’ if the Bible is ‘nonsense’ to you.”

Celebrity media personality Ola Michael and well-known entertainment pundit Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo got into a fight about religious ideas.

Arnold challenges Ola Michael: "Traditions are 'useless' if the Bible is 'nonsense' to you."
Arnold challenges Ola Michael: “Traditions are ‘useless’ if the Bible is ‘nonsense’ to you.”


In his submission, Ola Michael stated that he holds the Christian faith in the highest regard and believes more in the national traditions than some people do.

He pointed out that since the Bible was authored by Israelites and no one was alive when the events described in it, indigenous traditions ought to have greater value than any other.

Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo took exception by Ola Michael’s comment, launching a passionate defense and berating him for undervaluing Christianity and the Bible.

Ola Michael, he pointed out, cannot take the word of God and turn it into “nonsense,” as he was not present when the stories about the regional customs were told.

This is what happened during the discussion between Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo and Ola Michael, which was broadcast on the United Showbiz Program and was viewed by GhanaWeb.

Arnold: Ola Michael, the other gentleman in white, stated that we shouldn’t accept the Bible literally because most of its contents were written before we were ever born. He even declared at one point that it was absurd. Would you mind telling me when Okomfo Anokye was chanting wildly?

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Michael Ola: You call that being reckless? You cannot say that since it is an Akan custom.

Karl: Since the Bible is also my tradition, your customs have no value in my eyes if you claim it is nonsensical. Were you present when Okomfo Anokye was chanting? Were you present when King Agokoli turned around?

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