Tashan Episode 296 — 300 Update

Scene 1
Pallavi comes to Kunj’s room, he comes out of washroom and says hey, sorry i didnt talk you before, how are you? Pallavi says dont be formal, we have shared alot in last five years so we are not formal friends, i want to say something, i think Usha aunty is right, Twinkle is important but she is making you dance to her tunes, you have career, business, you should concentrate on it than Twinkle, Kunj says please, i dont want to listen anything against Twinkle, you have no idea what true love is, when two people love truly then they pass all obstacles, i know we have problems but Twinkle waited for me and didnt give up so now i wont give up on her, i will give up everything for her, i will pacify her at any cost and will wait for her for life, he leaves. Pallavi thinks that he thinks

i dont know what true love is? i gave up my career, gave him Revant’s face, took his side, what was all that if not love? i will make you mine Kunj.
Leela says to Yuvi that wait till Twinkle takes decision, Yuvi thinks that i cant wait much, what if Kunj wins over me, Leela says where is Twinkle now? is she still in Masuri? call her, Yuvi calls her.
Kunj comes to Twinkle’s room and sees his and Twinkle’s marriage photo on bedside table, he sadly looks at it, he keeps it down and is worried, he says Twinkle is alone in Masuri, i should check on her. He brings out his phone and calls to hotel reception, he says call to Twinkle Taneja, receptionist says she went out of hotel with her friend Sonia for Amritsar in morning. Yuvi calls reception and gets same message, Yuvi says why she didnt come here till now? he ends call, Leela says i am worried about her, Raman says we should go to Masuri, Pinni says it will be good vacation, Yuvi says i will call my man, he will check up on Sonia and Twinkle.
Usha asks Kunj to eat something, he says i have to find Twinkle, Usha says she will come, she is not a kid, he leaves to find her. Yuvi calls his man, he is shocked and ends call. yuvi says to Leela that my man told me Sonia is drug vendor and she is going to do something big in city college, Leela says Twinkle is with her? Yuvi says yes, we have to go to college and save Twinkle before anything happens.
Sonia is driving, Twinkle is sitting on passenger seat and asks where are we going? Sonia says i am taking you to some place, its surprise, you will feel that it is magical place once we go there, Twinkle smiles, Sonia smirks.
Kunj says Twinkle is not in Guradvarah too, she is not picking her phone too. He sits in his car and drives away to find Twinkle.
Sonia stops car at signal, Kunj’s car is beside them but he doesnt see them, some fans cover Kunj’s car and says Rocky please one selfie, Twinkle doesnt see him, signal opens, Sonia leaves, Kunj drives away too.
Some Man is outside college, he calls Sonia, Sonia says do what i said, she ends call and says to Twinkle that you are my first project in Amritsar i am excited, Twinkle laughs. They enter college. Yuvi and Leela comes there too and is finding them. Yuvi spots Twinkle, he shows her to Leela, Yuvi calls out her name, she sees them. Leela comes to Sonia and slaps her, Twinkle is stunned, everyone turns to see drama in college, Leela says to Sonia that arent you ashamed? you are on wrong path and wants to indulge my daughter in drugs too? Twinkle says what are you saying, what drugs? Yuvi you said it? Yuvi says she is drug peddler, Twinkle says shut up, have you gone mad? Sonia came here to help me, i will tell you everything. flashback shows Twinkle saying to Sonia that i am fed up of Kunj and Yuvi, i have decided to continue my studies, i want to make my career and prove that i dont need a man to live life, but problem is that its not semester’s start so i cant get admission, Sonia says i know someone in college who can get to get admitted, fb ends. Twinkle says Sonia was just here to help with admission, Yuvi says the Sonia who is drug peddler, her photo is about to come on my phone then confusion will get cleared, Photo comes on his phone, he sees its someone else photo, Twinkle says why you keep trying to help me Yuvi? i dont need your help, Yuvi says i am sorry, i did mistake, i was just worried for you, Leela says to Sonia that i am sorry, Twinkle is my only daughter, i was just protective, i am really sorry, Sonia says its okay, Twinkle and i have become very good friends and i would so happy if Twinkle gets admission here. Twinkle says sonia has asked her contact to talk to principal for my admission, i hope i get it.
Kunj comes to college but he is surrounded by fans. Sonia says to Leela that till when we will keep waiting here? lets go to canteen, we will have tea, Leela says okay. They start going to canteen, Sonia is talking with Leela and Yuvi. Kunj is coming from other side, he passesby them but doesnt see them.
Scene 2
Sonia’s man who called her says to principal that Twinkle is very hard working, she is working for wedding planning business, give her admission, Principal says we cant give her admission in middle of session, she can get admission next year, man okay and leaves. Kunj comes in principal’s office with his fans, principal says Rocky teach students few thing,s Kunj says i have to go somewhere, i have to leave, he leaves office.
Kunj is leaving college when he sees Twinkle in college, he says what is Twinkle doing here? he sees same man who was in principal’s office is talking to Twinkle now, he says this means that man was talking about Twinkle’s admission? she wants to get admitted here?
Kunj comes to principal, his fans look on.
Twinkle is at Leela’s house, Leela says to Twinkle that dont worry, they rejected you and its their loss, there are many other colleges, i will call my contacts and you will get admission, after all you are Leela’s daughter. Sonia calls Twinkle and says guess what, my man who talked to principal called me and told me that you have got admission, Twinkle thanks her and says you dont know you have done huge favor on me, i love you, she ends call, Sonia is happy for Twinkle. Twinkle says to Leela that i got admissionbecause of Sonia now i can move ahead in life, Leela says i told you everything will be fine, you really want to get admission? i mean you are doing good business, Twinkle says business is not reliable, i want to get my education, i dont want to compromise on it, i dont want to rely on any business or person now, Leela says as you wish daughter, Twinkle thinks that finally i can look forward in my life, i dont want to think about Yuvi or Kunj.
Scene 1
Kunj is sitting in his room and says finally Twinkle got what she wanted, she must be happy to listen about her admission, i have hurt her so i can do this for her happiness. Flashback shows Kunj saying to principal that i will train your students but you denied Twinkle’s admission, i want you to give admission to her, principal agrees, Kunj says dont let Twinkle know that i helped her with admission, he nods. Fb ends, Kunj says even today Twinkle’s happiness is my happiness, i hope you are happy.
Twinkle says to Leela that i want to move ahead in life and want to concentrate on my education, Leela says as you wish. Twinkle gets flowers delivered to her by courier guy, Leela asks who sent it? Twinkle says Kunj must have sent it, she gets irritated, she says why he
doesnt understand that i dont want to talk him? i have to talk him once, she calls Kunj and says i told you that i dont want to do anything with you, why did you send flowers to me? why dont you understand? you think that my decision will change with flowers? Kunj says but i didnt send any flowers to you, Twinkle is stunned and ends call, Kunj says bl**dy Yuvi. Twinkle says its must be Yuvi then, she gets angry. Yuvi comes there a little sad, Twinkle says you.. Yuvi says i know what you will say, listen i have not come to give you stress but to take away your stress, you want me to go away from your life? fine i will go away from your life forever, i just came to say final goodbye, i will take your leave now, i am gonna miss you a lot, Twinkle is speechless, Yuvi leaves, Leela is in tears and looks at Twinkle, Twinkle thinks.
Kunj sees Yuvi outside Leela’s house, he says you wont budge? Yuvi looks at him, Kunj says you sent flowers to Twinkle right? you dont understand that Twinkle wants to be away from us, why you stick to her? why you keep running fast? slow and steady wins the race, Yuvi says thats why i call you loser, from where did you get these quotes? this is 4g world, you make plans but i will win Twinkle’s heart, Kunj says you are 4g world but still dreaming, in your bl**dy dreams, you can try but i have already predicted that Twinkle was always mine and will be mine always, Yuvi says just wait and watch baba loser-nath, you dont know whats best, they stares each other and leaves.
Its morning, Leela says Twinkle have to go to college and i got up late today, Twinkle comes to her and says i have eaten breakfast, Leela thinks that my daughter has grown up, earlier i used to wake her up for hours and now she is waking me up, Twinkle says will you send me with tears? wish me luck, Leela says i will apply tikka to you, she brings aarti plate, Twinkle says i am not going to war? just college, Leela pouts, Twinkle allows her, Leela puts tikka on her forehead and says i bless you to move ahead and make us proud, Twinkle says everything will be fine, i have to leave now.
Twinkle comes on road and says thank God there is no one, i dont want Yuvi and Kunj’s drama today. She strikes with Babee, Babee gives her parsad and says i pray that your all problems get solved, Twinkle says i just need your blessing, Babee says my blessings are always with you, Twinkle leaves.
Pallavi is working in kitchen with Usha, Usha says dont work, you are our guest, Pallavi says i thought i am a family member, let me work, Usha says sure, can i ask you why you didnt marry till now? i mean you are so nice girl, Pallavi says we dont get good guys these days, Usha asks what kind of guy she wants? she says just like Kunj.. i mean he is perfect, he respects girls, he cares for his family, i mean if i get a guy like him then i wont let him go anywhere, sorry to say but Twinkle doesnt value him, if i get a husband like him then i will accept him happily after 10years too, Usha gets tensed listening this, Pallavi smirks.
Scene 2
Twinkle enters college and smiles looking around. She gets Yuvi’s call, she says i am busy, Yuvi says i just want to say that i am going away from your life, i dont want to pressurize you, as they say that if you love someone then set them free, if they comeback then they love you else they were never yours so i am letting you go, just remember i will always love you, i will always accept your decision, he ends call, Twinkle says Yuvi got away from me for my happiness, he is giving me freedom and there is Kunj who doesnt understand that i just want some time and space. Yuvi smirks thinking that his plan must be working. Twinkle asks one student about class, they take her as teacher, Twinkle says no i am student, they make fun of her age, one student says that when you were Miss Amritsar, i was kid, Twinkle says dont worry, its okay everything is fine. she sees some boys bullying a nerdy guy, nerdy guy tries to leave but bullies stop him, nerdy guy says my father is in police, i will complain, bully says sing then leave, they pressurize him but Twinkle comes there and says leave him, what is all this? Nerdy guy turns out to be Yuvi in disguise, he is dressed as sardar. Twinkle says to bullies that ragging is banned, why you are ragging him? you think its cool? bully says dont leture us, who are you? are you new student? it seems like we have got new target, we will leave this nerdy guy but we will bully you, he asks her to start singing.
Kunj comes to college and meets principal, he has come to train students about boxing. Twinkle says to bullies that if you like to listen songs so much then sing it for me. Kunj comes there, bullies get tensed saying Rocky sir? Kunj says to them that go to boxing room, move, they leave. Twinkle says dont tell me Kunj you have come here behind me stalking me? why dont you get it that i want space from me? why you keep following me? i can take care of myself, you make them learn boxing but i can handle them, Kunj says i didnt come to protect you, as a couch its my duty to maintain discipline, he leaves. Yuvi thanks Twinkle and says i liked that you took my side, new student? Twinkle doesnt recognize him, Twinkle extends her hand to yuvi and says i am Twinkle, Yuvi says i am Jaswindar, you can call me Jassi, Twinkle says i will call you Jassi, you have to be bold to face these bullies, dont be scared, bell rings, Twinkle says i have to go to my class, she leaves, Yuvi smirks.
Scene 1
Yuvi comes in class, Twinkle is there too. He looks around, someone puts foot between his way, he is about to fall, everyone laughs. Kunj sees his from window, everyone makes fun of yuvi. Twinkle says Jassi come sit with me, Yuvi sits beside her on bench. Teacher comes in class, lecture starts, Kunj leaves. One girl is looking at Kunj’s pictures, she passes it to other girl, girl says Rocky is hot, other girl says boxing class is in next class, lets go, they start leaving, all girls leave accept Twinkle. Yuvi looks Twinkle and admires he beauty, he smiles at her, Main hoon na plays, Yuvi stares her but Twinkle is busy noting lecture, Yuvi finds picture in his notebook, Twinkle asks if she is his girlfriend? Yuvi says i am zero not hero, i dont have girlfriend, Twinkle says its
not about looks but good heart, you are no less. Teacher sees all girls gone, she says they all must have gone behind Rocky, nobody wants to study from the time Rocky has come, she says class over, she leaves. Twinkle says my class got destroyed because of Kunj. Twinkle says lets go to canteen, Yuvi nods. Peon comes and says Rocky has called Jassi, Twinkle says why did Kunj call Jassi?
Yuvi comes to Kunj, Kunj says people bullied you right? i will make you strong, he gives him gloves, Yuvi wears it, Kunj says hit me, Yuvi says i cant hit you, Kunj says just hit me, he lightly hits Yuvi, Yuvi says i dont like violence. Twinkle comes there and says stop, he doesnt want to learn, you want to make everyone aggressive? Kunj says i am making him self defense, why you are taking is personal? Twinkle says you are invading my personal space, Kunj says i am just here for training, Twinkle says yes in same college and same time as me, Yuvi says dont fight please, Kunj says stay out of this, he pushes Yuvi away, TYuvi falls down on floor, he cries, and leaves, Twinkle says you hit deliberately, Kunj says i was just making him strong, Twinkle says you dont like that he is my friend but dont hurt him again, she leaves.

Twinkle comes to Yuvi, Yuvi says everyone bullies me, i dont have any strength, i am zero, i have power, Twinkle says no, she holds his hand and says not only power is needed, you are cute and sensitive and i like people like you so dont be upset, Yuvi smile and holds her hand in his hands, Twinkle feels weird, she takes her hand away and asks what were you doing? Yuvi says i am happy that atleast someone is with me, Rocky Sir was right, i have to become strong boy, Twinkle says dont stress yourself, lets go to class, they leave.
Yuvi is in his car. Twinkle’s car from front, he smiles and says i will leave now, he leaves, Twinkle is tensed. Yuvi’s car is stopped by Kunj’s bike, they stares each other, Yuvi says one great guy told me that girl’s no is no, i understood it, girl’s no is no, if Twinkle said that she wants space and time then why you are following her? guys like you are called stalkers, and its crime. Twinkle is listening all this from far, Kunj says i know you must be planning something too, Yuvi says you are asking me directly? i am not doing anything, and i am advising you to not do anything too, Yuvi leaves.
Twinkle comes to Leela’s house, she greets Leela, Leela asks how was your day? did you talk to Yuvi or Kunj? Twinkle says please, Raman asks if she made friends? did anyone bully you? i will beat them, tell me, Twinkle says i can handle bullies, i made a friend, Jassi, he is cute, Pinni says thats great, this is good news, tell me his details, if he is good boy then we will take things ahead, now Yuvi and Kunj are out of picture and jassi is in, Leela says what are you saying? Twinkle says Jassi is my friend only and i dont want to talk about Kunj or Yuvi, she leaves.
Usha is talking to Pallavi. Kunj comes there, Usha says meet Pallavi, he smiles and greets Pallavi, he says i will freshen up, he opens his bag and Twinkle’s ID card falls from it, Pallavi sees it and says Twinkle’s ID card? you are in same institute? Kunj says yes, Pallavi says dont mind but as a friend i have to say that you are international boxer, why you are teaching in small college? Usha says i know you have taken this job because of Twinkle, why she doesnt leave you? Kunj says Twinkle forgot her ID so i took it, i will return is tomorrow, dont make it a big deal, he leaves. Pallavi says to Usha that Kunj is innocent but Twinkle is playing with his feelings, i am sure she must have left ID card deliberately so Kunj would go behind her and beg her and she would throw tantrums, some girls like make boys run behind them and Twinkle is one of them, Usha gets tensed.
Leela says to Twinkle that i am proud of you for not giving up and trying to find way to live life, its really good to see you working hard but this society never allows woman to live alone, people keep asking about husband and all, i am biggest example of this, i created big business and raised you but people keep asking me about my husband. Twinkle says dont worry, i am your daughter, i know how to answer people, you are also with me, you are my strength and role model, we will handle everything, i know what i want, Leela says remain strong and trust yourself, God is with you, she kisses Twinkle’s forehead, Twinkle smiles.
Scene 1
Its morning. Yuvi as Jassi is cleaning his bike outside Twinkle’s house. Twinkle asks what are you doing here? Yuvi sees Kunj there and wipes his eyes, he says Rocky Sir is your neighbor? his bike is so new and my scooter is old, you go with Rocky Sir, Twinkle says no. Pallavi comes to Kunj, she slips and falls in Kunj arms, Twinkle sees them like that, Kunj looks at Twinkle and tries to leave Pallavi, she winces in pain. Yuvi asks Twinkle if she Rocky’s girlfriend? wow, Twinkle looks on, he asks why she is upset? Twinkle asks if he can ride scooter with her sitting behind? Yuvi says i never rode with anyone else before, Twinkle says you dont know double riding then why did you come here? Yuvi says you are my best friend and saved me from bullies thats why, Twinkle says
its okay, you sit behind and i will ride bike, he says what? can you drive it? Twinkle says i can do anything, i am Twinkle Taneja. Twinkle sits on scooter, Yuvi sits behind and says Ram Ram, they leave. Kunj sees them go, he says to Pallavi that you should have been careful, Twinkle must have felt weird, Pallavi says i fell mistakenly, i came to tell you that Usha aunty is thinking to get you married again, Kunj says what? he thinks that Maa knows how i feel about Twinkle then why she is doing this? he leaves his bike. Pallavi says everything is fair in love and war and i dont care if i have to lie a little to get you Kunj.
Usha says to Babee that Twinkle doesnt care about society, she doesnt see how much Kunj cares for her, i have to set her straight, Babee says its not you but your mother inside you speaking, think about her, her problems, trust her, Usha says i dont trust her anymore, the girl who left her house, husband for college, how can i trust her? i have to talk to her.
Twinkle and Yuvi comes to college. Twinkle gets off scooter, bullies say that Twinkle next ride with me, girls make fun of Yuvi. Twinkle says dont worry Jassi, if they bully you then tell me, you need to build self confidence. She sees poster and says Salsa class? i always wanted to learn it, she drags Jassi with her.
Kunj is punching his bag in his training room and thinks why Maa is thinking about getting me married? Students come there, Kunj asks where is Jassi? student says he has joined salsa class with his bodyguard Twinkle, you know he was sitting behind Twinkle on bike today, he is useless. Kunj says stop, he thinks that i have to do something else Jassi will become just laughing stock here, he needs to learn to fight back.
Yuvi and Twinkle comes to Salsa class, trainers instruct them steps, Yuvi says i cant do this, i am not hero but zero, Twinkle says why you keep calling yourself zero? if you dont know how to dance then why did you join class? Yuvi says because you asked me, Twinkle pulls his cheeks and says you are cute. I will teach you, Twinkle puts his hand on her waist and holds his hand, she sways with him to beat, Yuvi is mesmerized by her, Tum hi ho sad music plays, Twinkle enjoys dance, Yuvi stares her, she hints what? they end dance. Kunj comes there, girls ask if he will make them learn dance too? Yuvi says to Twinkle that he must be here to ask me to learn boxing, i will do any dance with you but i cant do boxing, i cant fight, save me, Twinkle asks him to calm down. Kunj comes to Yuvi and says Jassi i called you for boxing classing, come with me, Twinkle says you are no one to take him, Kunj says he needs self defense training, Twinkle says why you are forcing him? Kunj says i am just suggesting that he needs to learn to fight, Twinkle says you are doing this to spy on me, Kunj asks Jassi to go out of room. Yuvi leaves and smirks. Kunj asks Twinkle to listen, she says why should i listen to you? you dont listen to me, she tries to open door but its locked, someone from outside says that Rocky sir we locked door as you said, Kunj says i didnt ask anyone to lock door, he knocks door and says Twinkle i swear i didnt ask anyone to lock door. Outside door, Yuvi says you need self defense Kunj now as i will make you do Salsa, you are stuck with Twinkle like magnet, now rumors will spread through college that you got stuck with Twinkle in a room and she wouldnt want to see your face. Twinkle is angry, lets put more salt to fire. Twinkle says to Kunj that i cant believe, you would go so low, you can be so cheap? Kunj holds her shoulder and says you think that i will do this? you dont trust your Kunj? look in my eyes and say that you dont trust me?
Scene 2
Yuvi comes to students and says Twinkle and Rocky are locked in room, girls get jealous, Yuvi says we should help them to get out, all students leave to open door, yuvi smirks.
Twinkle says i dont trust you Kunj, in last five years you have changed so much that i cant even read your eyes, why should i trust you? did you trust me? your eyes even cheated me, i cant trust you anymore, Kunj puts his hands down from Twinkle’s shoulder, he is hurt and starts punching door, Twinkle is sad, Kunj keeps punching door, she says stop it, he doesnt and keeps punching door, door opens. Kunj comes out and asks who closed door? everyone is silent. Girls gossip what they were doing alone in room? Kunj asks them to leave, all leave. Yuvi comes to Twinkle and says Rocky Sir is strict, i feel like you stopped him from making me learn boxing thats why he is doing all this, i dont like boxing, he is staring at me, i am scared of him, i dont want to learn boxing, save me please, Twinkle looks at Kunj and leaves, Yuvi goes behind her.
Anita comes out of car outside Sarna house, Usha and Babee are outside house, they are shocked to see Anita, Usha says what are you doing here Anita? Anita says i was missing these expressions, i know you must have missed me too, so many years passed but Usha still doesnt have brain, now when your Kunj is alive then there is no case or allegation on me so i am free, Usha says but you tried to kill him and he was not with us for many years, Anita says atleast he is alive and you even got ready made son, my Yuvi, whole Sarna family used my son, even made him marry Twinkle and now when your son ha comeback then you have thrown him like hair from butter, you have used him nicely, Twinkle and Yuvi comes there and sees her too.
Scene 1
Anita says to Babee and Usha that Sarna family used my son, they made him marry Twinkle then when Kunj returned then they threw them out like he is nothing, i have never seen selfish people like you, you did great, Usha says Yuvi is not a kid, we didnt force him to do anything, what about what you did? Babee says to Usha that dont talk to this rubbish woman, Anita says even i dont want to talk to you, i want to know where is my son? Babee says i dont know, Anita says you people are hiding him, i will go in Sarna house to meet my son, she tries to go in but Babee stops her and says i wont let you go in my house, they both have physical fight, Anita tries to push her away but Babee pushes her back, Anita is about to fall down but Yuvi holds her in time, he is dressed as Jassi so Anita
doesnt recognize him, he sadly looks at her, he says nameste aunty, Twinkle takes him away. Babee says to Anita that dont try to come here again, find your son yourself.
Principal says to Kunj that Rocky you have contacts, you can bring sponsors for us. Manager says Twinkle can bring sponsors for fest too, she is business student, Kunj thinks that i have to talk to Twinkle if we want to work for fest together.
Jassi is with Twinkle, he says who was that woman? Twinkle says she was Yuvi’s mom, Yuvi asks who is Yuvi? Leela comes there and says i got to know that Anita have returned, she wont let us stay in peace, she asks who is this guy? Twinkle says he is my new friend Jassi, Pinni says why you dont eat or drink anything Jassi? i mean you need some milk and vitamin, Leela asks her to not tease him. Pinni says to Twinkle that decide between Yuvi and Kunj, this Jassi is very skeleton, twinkle sighs, Pinni and Leela leaves. Yuvi asks why everyone hates that aunty Anita? Twinkle says lets work on fest.
Anita says to herself that where is Yuvi? nobody knows about him.
Twinkle says to Yuvi that nobody is giving us sponsor, what to do? Yuvi says call Chadda, he gave a great contract, it was big indian fat wedding. Twinkle is stunned and remembers how she and Yuvi arranged Chadda’s daughter’s wedding, she asks how do you know? Yuvi says Chadda had big wedding so everyone knows and you told me you did wedding planning business and i even know his son, i have his number too, Twinkle says this is good idea, we can call Chadda. Anita is worried for Yuvi and calls Yuvi. Twinkle sees Yuvi’s phone ringing and says Jassi your mom is calling you, Yuvi cuts her call. Anita thinks that i hope you are fine. Twinkle asks Yuvi why did he cut his mom’s call? Yuvi says my mom asked me to bring veggies and i forgot to bring them so she would scold me if i did it. Yuvi thinks that mom i want to meet you too but this is not right time, i have to concentrate on my plan, Twinkle should not know about my identity.
Pallavi comes to Kunj’s room and says you injured yourself again? let me bandage wound, he says no need, she says shut up. Pallavi sits beside him and does bandage. Twinkle is in blacony and sees Kunj and Twinkle sitting in Kunj’s room and Pallavi doing his bandaid, she recalls how Kunj caught Pallavi in his arms when she fell down. Kunj says to Pallavi that i am fine, Pallavi says i am doign this for Usha, she leaves. Kunj says i have to call Twinkle and talk to her, he calls her and turns to window to see her standing on her balcony, she cuts his call.
Scene 2
Its morning, Anita comes to Twinkle and says i know you people dont like me and Yuvi doesnt want to meet me but tell me where is he? Twinkle says when you know he doesnt want to meet you then why you are asking? Anita says i am worried for him, he is not picking even calls, Twinkle thinks that even i dont know where is he, he is not seen after he said goodbye to me, i will find about him after college today. Yuvi comes there as Jassi and greets Anita, he thinks that i hope she doesnt recognize me. Twinkle says to Anita that i dont know about Yuvi but please leave our lives, she sits behind Yuvi on scooter, Yuvi says to Anita that dont worry, your son would be fine, he leaves, anita says this boy reminds me of Yuvi.
Principal says to college that Twinkle made Chadda agree to sponsor our fest. he says Rocky is bringing his contacts too, Kunj comes there, Twinkle asks if he going to work in fest too? Principal says Twinkle and Rocky should organize fest, Yuvi says to Twinkle that Rocky Sir came here too, he seems like coming everywhere, what will you do now Twinkle? Twinkle says to Principal that if Rocky is working on fest then i am not going to organize it, Principal says why? Rocky can bring contacts while you have management skills, cant you both do this much for your institute? everyone starts pleading Twinkle to organize it for college, she contemplates but gives in and says fine i will arrange fest, all are happy. Twinkle says i have one condition, nobody should interfere in my work, Kunj says i am in, i will arrange budget and venue, Twinkle says i will supervise food and decorations, both say that they dont need interference, Principal says great mission fest starts now, everyone claps, Twinkle and Kunj stares each other. Yuvi sees Anita in college and gets tensed, he thinks what mom is doing here? if she recognizes me then my plan will fail and Twinkle will hate me instead of Kunj, he tries to look at her stealthily. Anita is tensed. Twinkle asks Anita why you are here too? trust me i dont now anything about Yuvi, if i get to know about him then i will tell you myself, i dont want any scene here, Anita smiles at Jassi. Twinkle says lets go guys, Yuvi tries to leave with Twinkle, Twinkle has already gone but Anita holds Yuvi’s hand, he looks at her surprised, he tries to act like nerd Jassi but Anita takes off his glasses, Anita says to Yuvi that maybe nobody can recognize you but i am your mother and i can recognize you in any avatar, from the first time i saw you, i knew you are my Yuvi but i dont know why you are hiding like this? from your mom? can you imagine how i spent days without you? you are running away from me instead of hugging me? will you not hug you mom? she cries and hugs him, Yuvi feels sad but doesnt hug her back fully, he pulls her back and says i am happy that you are out jail but this doesnt mean you didnt do crimes, you were guilty and you are guilty, Anita says i know i am and i am ready to rectify and pay for it, i just want my son, what should i do for you?, she caresses his face, Yuvi says if you need my forgiveness then just leave me alone, i am doing all this, hiding like this for Twinkle, i cant lose her like this, i am acting like this Jassi for twinkle, this is all my plan to get her back, so please stay away from me till i dont get her back, Anita sadly looks at him.

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