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Your goals are 10 years behind if you were born in Africa – KiDi

KiDi, the afrobeat sensation, has shed light on the particular difficulties that young African Americans encounter in achieving their goals and objectives.

Your goals are 10  years behind if you were born in Africa - KiDi
Your goals are 10 years behind if you were born in Africa – KiDi

During an interview on the Day Show with Berla Mundi, the singer emphasized the considerable delays and additional hurdles that individuals born in Africa often experience compared to their counterparts in more developed nations.

KiDi vividly illustrated the difficulties young Africans encounter, suggesting that they must exert significantly more effort to achieve their goals compared to those in more privileged circumstances.

He stressed that, “As a kid, if you are born in this part of the world, your dreams and your goals are delayed 10 years. Whatever someone is doing five times, you have to do it times 50. Your effort has to be double; you have to strive, you have to have a monster mentality because you are unfortunate from the start; you’ve lost the race before it began.”

The musician did not hold back while discussing structural problems that are common in many African countries’ sectors, such as those in the entertainment and agricultural industries.


In order to close the gap between less developed and more developed countries and African nations, he underlined the value of self-improvement and the necessity for individuals to make investments in learning and growth.

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According to KiDi, “Not just by being African, we know the broken systems and all—the entertainment industry, agriculture, and everything in Africa.”

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