Fresh blood was discovered in Mohbad’s coffin, but there was no stench, leading some to believe that he was still alive.

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Mohbad was he buried alive? This is all we currently know.

The abrupt death of Mohbad sent the entire globe into a frenzy, and his admirers and family members demanded that full inquiries be conducted into how he died.

The late musician might have been buried alive, according to new video that has been making the rounds on social media during the exhumation procedure for his autopsy.

His body had been buried for nine days, yet a video showed that it had no unpleasant odor. Fresh blood was also discovered on his coffin, indicating that he may have been buried alive and struggling inside.

This latest development has caused a stir on the internet, with many demanding for the arrest of his father, who raced to bury him earlier than planned for unspecified reasons.

We are closely monitoring this development and will keep you informed.

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