While getting ready Preeta thinks about Karan and thinks their closeness might create misunderstandings between them. There, Karan decides not to look at Preeta the way he does, anymore Preeta also forbids herself look at Karan, otherwise everyone will misunderstand and he doesn’t want to lose a good friend. She says Karan […]

Diya comes in Shaurya’s cabin and transfers halwa from box to a lunch box and hides the box. Shaurya comes in and gets surprised seeing her. She giveshim halwa saying her mum made for him. She asks him to taste and says she had to go so far to buycarrots. Shaurya likes it. He sees the […]

The Episode starts with Pragya thinking Abhi wished her on previous valentine’s day. She admires him while he is sleeping and thinks to tell him her identity. She comes closer to him. Abhi wakes up and asks what she is doing so close to you. Pragya says she was thinking something. Abhi […]

Remove term: Gangaa Update on Friday 13th April 2018 The episode begins when Max is fingerprinted and they give him the uniform he now has to wear and he is taking to jail. Mariana informs Amaya that Marco Antonio has been trying to contact her. Ivan asks Yaayaa to go […]

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