‘My husband is forcing me to have sex with a snake’

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Bizarre!! A woman has confessed that she is being forced by her husband to have sex with a python in order for the family to get miracle money.

Husband wants wife to have sex with a snake
Python (source: internet)

Sheila Modise, aged 39 from Tshwane, South Africa, also complained that she has been starved from sex for over a year now by her husband who is also a traditional healer as he insists that she beds the python.

“I am tired of living such a life. I am seeking legal advice to remove this man from this house. He must leave us in peace,” she told a local paper.

Inspectors and nature conservation officials in the area who attended to her cry for help found a dried snake skin in the compound.

Her husband, Jack Maluleka, who is half Sheila’s age, refuted her claims. Sheila said the snake was sent to her while she was asleep.

Reports reaching Malawi24, indicate such cases are also happening in Malawi as people are on a quest to use magic to become rich.

It is further claimed that there other men in the country who become insane having failed to follow magic charms that include having sex with their parents as per witch-doctor’s prescription.

Source: BestNewsGhana.com

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kwabena Frimpong

kwabena Frimpong

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