jodha Akbar Episode Episode 140–141 Update on Monday 22nd May 2017

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Scene 2
Hameeda is offering namaz when salima comes there .they discuss that nothing
about Benazir is confirmed, Samila informs hameeda about the boat incident.
Hameeda wants to find the truth herself. salima informs her that jodha is in love with
jalal and that is why she is investigating for Jalal and protecting him .. Hameeda is
impressed with salima for not being jealous of Jodha. Salima says ruks and Jodha
are like her sister.
moti ask did you applied remedy to jalal ? jodha says i had gone to him but ruks
stopped me and jalal even didnt stop her, moti says you have hurt him why he will
stop her? jodha says no. moti says he is angry with you then why go to him, jodha
says because i am not angry on him, moti says he is doing nikkah with benazir and
you are not angry? jodha says stop it why are you putting salt at my burnt wounds,
what you want to listen yes i care for hi and why not he is trapped against poisonous
women and i am doing whats my responsibility is, she leaves. moti thinks both are
feeling same but will not accept it.

Scene 3
MAham comes and ask ruks is everything alright? you didnt eat anything, ruks i am
not feeling to eat. Maham says how you will go on hunting? ruks says if she leave
jalal then i will go on hunting, maham ask her to eat first, ruks says she is cheap and
stubborn women(jodha) jalal doent even look at her but she keep revolving around
him, she was applying remedy to him but i took it from her and applied myself.
maham says what you applied her remdy? now she will become good in jalal’s eyes,
ruks ask what shouls she do? Maham says to ruks send jodha away from jalal so
that her magic goes away. Ruks says magic? what rubbish. Maham says jodha had
put wrong allegation on benazir, shivani her young sister broke mirza even then jalal
didnt do anything to her, he freed her family too, he didnt give her punishment what is
this if not magic? she ask ruks to do something before its get late, ruks fumes in

Scene 4
zakira comes with water melon and takes out map of jail of palace, she says that guy
who came to help(kamal khan) had send it, this is to free mali from jail, benazir says
i will go and meet him in diguise, you stay here.
Salima ask jodha about her new step, jodha says we dont know whats benazir’s next
step but because of jalal’s strict security, benazir will definitely do something foolish,
we have to keep tab on her, moti sees through window and tells jodha that she is
going somewhere out, jodha sees and says she is in bandhi’s dress, they shouts she
is taking her next step, jodha says i will go behind her, salima says its not save for
you so i will go with you, salima says we also need to go in different dress., jodha
says ok and ask moti to bring dresses for them.
Scene 5
atgah tells jalal that mirza did very well in war and maan singh too fought greatly,
jalal says i knew it, i think i should give minstery to maan, maham say he is very
young, jalal says he is talented i was too small. Jalal ask what about shivani and tej?
atgah says we are finding them. Maham ask who attacked jalal? jalal says i know
he/she is someone own and i will find out dont worry, he ask adham about his work
in malwa adham says its pretty much in control jalal says ok and ends cabinet

Scene 6
Benazir is going in market to meet kamal khan, her anklet falls and she bends to pick
it up and sees salima and jidha too in disguise, she thinks its important to meet him
and jodha why is she behind me? jodha says to salima that we have to be very
careful as she is very clever. Benazir comes to bangle shop and start acting that she
is buying, jodha says she is pretending, salima says it doesnt seem to as shop
keeper is showing her bangles. Jodha says she has danger in market even then she is
buyng bangles when she will get much beautiful bangles from this marriage, salima
says this means she knows about our presence and i fooling us. Benazir leaves from
there, jodha and salima are about to go but one man start announcing that the pond
has become poisonous and nobody should drink water from it, jodha says its same
pond in which benazir had fallen, salima says its a big proof against her.

PRECAP- zakira shows benazir a dress of her marriage, she throws it and says i dont
want to do this marriage, adham comes so zakira leaves, he says God has made in
very leisure time, everything is beautiful like anger, beauty and poison. benazir is

Written Episode
Scene 1
Jodha and salima comes to well where they see the deadbodies and sees a man
mourning over his friends death, other man ask whether they died because of this
water? he says yes they drunk water from well, one man says i drunk water last week
but i am fine, all deduce that this is not a small thing so we should inform jalal.
In palace jalal meets hamida who suggests that they should give one chance to
jodha, jalal says i dont understand her she always do weird things, nobody tries to
talk infront of me but jodha she always stands against me, hamida says maybe she is
right, jalal says i now what are you saying i did believe and asked for proof for benzir
and she was proved innocent.He assures hamida that dont worry i will always be
there for you.
Scene 2
Jodha and salima comes back in palace, jodha ask salima are you afraid? salima
says yes and no both. Adham listens their conversation, salima says i was afraid of
seeing her poisonous strength as whole well became poisonous. what if she had bite
jalal but i am satisfied too as you are there.
Scene 3
Jodha and jalal are together jalal says some enemy did poisoned well, jodha says it
is benazir only she had fallen in well, i listened to people. Jalal ask why you had gone
to market, jodha says i was going to mandir. Jalal calls atgah and adham, Adham
informs that yes well was poisonous and it had many dead snakes that made water
poisonous, jodha is stunned. They leaves. Jalal says you again said false things, this
proves that you are only jealous of her, he ask her to help ruks for preparing for
marriage as my new bride is coming, jodha leaves angry. Jalal says seem your
jealousy will want to stop me to marry benazir.
Scene 4
Adham says amazing jodha you ahve talent to recognize people, he remembers how
man informed him about well being poisonous. He says mom you always think i dont
use brains but now i have ace card in my hand, is proved that she is poisonous.
Adham says so this news is right. This poison will now kill jalal, adham smirks.
Scene 5
zakira shows benazir a dress of her marriage, she throws it and says i dont want to
do this marriage, adham comes so zakira leaves, he says God has made in very
leisure time, everything is beautiful like anger, beauty, brain and poison. benazir is
tensed. Adham says hope your step will be right, benazir ask what are you talking,
adham says i get to know that you are poisonous lady, benazir says its wrong.
Adham says not jodha is not wrong, he remembers how sharif told him that benazir
poisonous, he says to benazir that i also got to know that well in which you fell
became poisonous, jalal got to know about it and asked me to investigate, she says
so you are here to capture me, adham says no the person who is on my side, i dont
kill or capture them, benazir ask the meaning, he says kills jalal as soon as possible
and if needed take my help, he says beware of my mother though she wants me to
become a king but she cant see jalal hurt and loves him so be careful. She ask the
reason for his support, he says will tell you some other time, He says do your work
asap as jodha will stay quite for long time.
Scene 6
Jodha says to moti that i tried everything to get proof against benazir but i got
nothing, moti says believe on Kahna. Jalal comes and greets her, he ask you didnt
taunt me today, he says i had put gifts in your room as every begum will give her
gifts and i know you might have not got the gift so i had got them you just have to
give them, jodha thinks i will not give gifts to that poisonous lady, she says i will not
give it, jalal says i know you are jealous of her not because me as you didnt accept
me as husband so why you will be jealous for me, you are jealous because a bandhi
is takng place of a begum, jodha says its nothing like that. Jalal says remember we
talked about that your no is your yes actually so you will give gifts, he leaves, jodha
is tensed. Maham and ruks sees them together, ruks says why do he always listens
jodha maham says because there rooms are close to each other and jalal have to
cross her room to go outside so they talk alot, she suggests that you should do
something to change her room. In her room jodha angry on jalal that i am worried for
him and he is busy taunting, ruks comes and says as jalal is marrying benazir and
she should be given one so i thought of giving your room, jodha is stunned, she says
empty this room fast and do come in mehdi celebration tonight, she leaves, jodha
says angrily that why they all trying to put me so down, there are many rooms but
why room is chosen to be given to her, what in mughals they dont care for begums?
Scene 7
Outside adham tells his soldiers about benazir being poisonous, he says she will do
our work and will kill jalal but then mali will try to get the throne, he ask soldier that
after jalal is being killed, kill mali too. Inside benazir tells zakira that adham wants me
to kill jalal too, she ask why? she says he has a lust for throne and i am doing this for
my love mali so we are on same boat.

PRECAP- In mehd celebration, moti ask jodha to apply tilak on benazir, jodha very
angrily looks at her and falls on her, her mehdi of hands gets spoiled, maham says
its not a good omen that it got spoiled.

Written Episode
Scene 1
Adham says to its soldiers tha after jalal’s death, kill benazir and mali till then
nobody should know about it, maham comes and ask what are hiding? adham says i
was talking about malwa’s war, maham says to soldiers that provide high security to
jalal, she leaves, adham says if she gets to know about benazir she will kill her, i will
get the throne now.
In his room, jalal looks at arrow and says amazing jodha’s jealousy has taken her to
a new level. Atgah comes and says we searched benazir’s room and got one box,
jalal ask to open it, here benazir is searching for same box in her room and says to
zakira that box has medicine to kill the effect of poison but its in different form so
nobody will not get to know it, Here jalal sees the pearls and says these women loves
jewelry, i thought to think about jodha’s words once again but nothing is proved,
benazir says to zakira that jodha must have searched as she and adham only knows
about it but i removed everything from this room, jalal ask atgah to place this box
again in her room.

Scene 2
Ruks comes to jodha’s room and sees all things packing up, jodha comes and says i
have one request, this diya is palced here from long time, please dont disturb it, it will
be burnt itself, ruks says this room will be given to benazir and she may not like it so
i have remove this diya, she is about to throw it, jodha stops her, ruks says when idol
will not be there then why this diya? jodha says its not just diya it represent the life of
family, it will be bad omen to remove it. ruks says i dont know theses things, jodha
holds kahna idol and comes outside, jalal sees her and says so you are leaving to
agra finally, jodha says no my family will not accept me like this, and i am not leaving
my sasural but somebody asked me to change my room thats why, jalal ask who?
jodha says if you want me to go from this then i have no issues, jalal ask when did i
say? she says you want this room to be given to benazir i have no problem but its
only about diya its not good to remove diya like this but its ok. She is about to leave.

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