Fearless Heart Update on Monday 22nd May 2017

Miggy asks Fabiola what it will take to get her away from the base; he can’t live without her. She gives in and leaves with him. Hmmm. Isn’t she AWOL? Nine weeks is the new military requirement for the US?
In Colombia the Reptile and D8D are with Verdugo. She says she wants to see his face; she got a scar off hers and can show it freely. D8D tells her it’s no good to pressure this guy.
Miggy and FF are on their way from the base. He brings her up to date on what happened. She says she feared he was angry. He says he was furious, but loves her more than ever.
We are seeing a bit of the new-shared custody arrangement. Ángela chews JM out for giving Juan Cruz so many sweets he got a tummy ache. Laura is there draped all over JM. Ángela and JM bicker a bit. Gus brings JC’s little bag in, mentioning there’s a book inside he was reading to the boy. JM rather nastily reminds him that HE is JC’s father.
Willy teases Sammy about eating for twins when she’s not expecting them. Nico wants to know if the baby is a boy or a girl, and so does Willy. But Sam doesn’t want to know.
Clara brings Jess to Sam and Willy’s. It appears there’s no longer any hostility there. Sam is very friendly and asks how Clara’s doing, touching her belly. Clara sort of collapses, saying it’s low bloodpressure. She tells them D8D is traveling. Then Willy touches Clara’s belly saying it’s his little sister in there. Clara looks guilty, knowing the baby is NOT D8D’s.
The Reptile and D8D are in Verdugo’s house in Colombia, and he’s showing off some fancy guns. He’s got on that leather mask.
Gus has figured things out. He wants Ángela armed at all times. He’s sure that the Reptile is alive.
Fabiola has arrived to stay at Casa Arroyo. She and Miggy are kissing passionately when Génesis knocks on the door. She rushes in, so happy to see her tía de la selva.
JM gives a PSA to Laura about JC always being in a car seat. Laura reminds him that she knows the statistics, being a cop. She tells him she’s going to try very hard to be a good stepmother to his children.
Nico is going through boxes of his father’s [Esteban] stuff. He’s very sad. Sam starts to help him, and they find an empty file folder with “Clara Salvatierra” on the label.
Clara goes into labor at the hospital. Except it’s the wrong hospital, the one where her father is. [Whoa! So her father has been in the hospital since before she was showing her pregnancy? D8D would need lots of drug deals to pay this bill!] Camilo happens to be there, and Clara overhears someone calling him Camilo instead of Luis. He wiggles out of it saying people think Camilo is alive, but it’s really Luis.
Fabiola wants to meet the guy who saved Miggy (Falcón). Miggy tells her that Falcón also wants to meet her and wants the map. Miggy tells her that Falcón wants Miggy to give the map to the Colombian authorities. She asks if he trusts this guy. Miggy says that he saved his life. FF: “My father always said, don’t trust anyone.”
So, is the Reptile supposed to have a wig on or is she supposed to have bleached her hair? I guess we thought it was a disguise to shoot at JM, but she’s blonde in Colombia. Verdugo doesn’t mess around. He takes her right into his bedroom and starts undressing her. She convinces him to unmask. Big surprise, NOT. It’s Javier Falcón. I recognized Pernia’s voice as soon as he spoke earlier in the episode.
Sam and Willy speculate about why El Jefe would have had a now-empty file folder with Clara’s name on it. Sam wants to know why he would have been interested in Clara.
Clara goes into labor. She overcomes her dislike for Camilo and asks him to take her to the clinic where her doctor is.
JM comes home and is overjoyed to see Fabiola there. Laura has a sour expression. What’s that about? When FF asks about Emma, JM tells her that Pablo found work in Barcelona. They’ll be saying there for a while. Fabiola asks if Laura is still JM’s bodyguard. Laura says she’s his girlfriend now. Fabiola pipes up: “But I thought you were in love with Ángela?” Whoops.
Sammy asks Jessica about Clara and hears that she’s kind and definitely makes it bearable staying there with D8D.
El Verdugo and the Reptile appear to have enjoyed having sex. When she comments about how many women he must have had, he tells her he seduced fewer than he killed! She seems to be very smitten with him, saying he’s just like her. He says he has to go to LA. She asks him rather sharply if it’s to see a woman. He says that it is.
Ángela asks Nora if she agrees with Gus that Fernanda del Castillo is alive. Nora says that she suspects she may be because of the exploded morgue van. Nora then asks Ángela if there is any love left for JM. She looks doubtful and doesn’t answer.
Sam has remembered a place El Jefe kept things and has arrived at his old office. Sam is trying to open his safe.
Sadly, Ringo is not dead. El Verdugo gives him instructions to take good care of the Reptile while he’s gone. Give her whatever she wants. Alex appears and asks to go to LA with him. The miserable creep Ringo says that she wants to see her amorcito. Verdugo says she can come. He also says she doesn’t interest him at all. But if she betrays him, she’ll suffer and then die.
Miggy had asked JM to construct a Panic Room inside the Arroyo house for Fabiola. He explains all its features to her. She says it won’t be necessary because she’s going back to the Army. He says he’ll try to convince her to stay. They get busy.
While Sammy is trying to open the safe, Nuñez arrives. Rats! He asks what they’re doing there. Sam, of course, has no idea what a greedy jerk he is and tells him they’re looking for the contents of Clara Salvatierra’s file. When they ask him about it, he plays dumb.
We are seeing some similarities in the two relationships. Laura asks JM if he hasn’t repented of asking her to live with him. When he says she’s made him want to live again, she says maybesomeday he’ll learn to love again. Then Gus is planning a special dinner. He tells Ángela how much he loves her. She tells him he’s so good and embraces him. Gus says he’ll be the happiest man in the world when she says she loves him. So neither JM nor Ángela are really in love with the ones they’re living with.
In the Panic Room Fabiola tells Miggy that the map won’t do them any good. It’s incomplete. Later Miggy gives her the map he had while she was at the Army base. She says she doesn’t know where the rest of it is. He calls her on a lie, and she doesn’t disagree. He tells her he doesn’t blame her for keeping quiet.
Sam manages to get the safe open and takes out the contents. Nuñez sticks around. They root through the stuff, and then Sammy has some kind of pain, so the search of the safe contents is abandoned.
Meanwhile Nico is still going through his adoptive father’s stuff. Nora comes in, and we see that she’s placed a tray of sandwiches on top of what looks like the Clara Salvatierra file everyone is looking for.
We get double scenes of the “others” setting up seductions of JM and Ángela. JM and Laura fall onto the bed together, but Génesis knocks saying that JC is burning up with fever. Laura makes a prune face behind his back as JM rushes off to his son.
Willy takes Sammy to the hospital. He gives it the old college try for a sonogram, hoping to find out the sex, but Sam refuses. It seems that little pain was a plot device to get Sammy to the hospital the same time as Clara.
Camilo tells Sam and Willy that Clara is in labor. Clara says it’s not time. She sure looked huge to me; what does she mean it’s early? She says she doesn’t know why, but she trusts Sam. She then asks Sammy not to leave her alone and to go into the delivery room with her. Willy doesn’t want her to do it, but Sam tells him she can’t explain why; but she needs to be there for that baby’s birth.
JM says he’s planning to sleep with his son. The little guy is crying – something he’s never done before. [Did they stick him with a pin for this scene?] Laura again looks sour, but tries to be a good sport. Just then Ángela shows up and observes Laura bursting out of her sexy bra. So I guess the news of the fever traveled fast, and Ángela left her little love scene as well.
El Verdugo aka Javier Falcón has shown up at Casa Arroyo. He greets Miggy with a big smile. He asks if Fabiola has returned. Just then she comes in wearing shorts with her hair wet. Verdugo looks her up and down. And she looks fixedly at him.
Mini-Sammy is born. Out in the waiting room, D8D has arrived. Willy asks him why he’s always late. And he tells his father that, anyway, Clara is not alone. HIS Sammy is with her.
We see Sammy holding her child. Clara has fainted and the doctors fuss over her.

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