Teshie Boi & Susuma Shado fake beef just to promote an upcoming show named Easter Bash!

I just dont get it..how can you guys fake be  faking beef and think me enowel junior of all people want know it fake.. i just woke up,come online come dey see all this fake beef all over..
let me tell you how it works.. Enowel Junior will tell you all you need to know!
if we talk of popularity,fame,money,influence and whatever that one needs as a musician, Teshie Boi has it all and that Susuma Shado or whatever his name is has none..who knows himself? i shock self! where Teshie Boi has gone he that Susuma Shado has not gone there and if care is not taken he will not get there till he ends that his music career.. The shows,fans,fame and money which Teshie Boi has that Susuma Shado does not have even 20% of it…
when i am to even limit the fame,fans and money to only Teshie,La and other areas in Accra still Susuma Shado is no match for Teshie Boi and he to want come beef.. which kind fake beef too be this! even when they talk of online followers and fans you Susuma Shado you no get some so why this fake beef.. yes fake beef.. sake of the show you dey come host so you just want hype so people go come so you dey come do fake beef.. this what Screw Face did and now his career is dead.. during my investigation i found out that even artist with only 25 followers are beefing stars like Tinny and wisa Grid and i was like see this mumu ooo..you dont want to go high you just a waste of sperm …
If Teshie Boi, Wisa Grid, Nii Bi Kala and Naterial was to declare that they are not coming to that your show i swear that show go flop, you dey there and do the fake beef..
Which kind beef that them dey do wey if Teshie Boi throw shots that family members who call them self fans of Susuma Shado will g and like the post and when Susuma Shado also trows shots Teshie Boi fans to go, go and like without both parties fans saying anything bad under the comment section…
Real fake beef that.. when Teshie Bi and Nii Funny was fighting you see say that thing happen even if this big stars dey beef you dey see say edey happen..it only with this so called beef which i dey see am..Susuma Shado if you dey want hype see me i go get you some or see  any other media man but this fake beef want send you any where…
see some of the beefs which have gone on so far..some of the artist there are really ghost sake f them no dey exist for majority of us and them too say them dey beef artist  top real artist wey eno be them size..check out the list below.

It’s sad watching these Ga guys in the music industry fighting, beefing, bickering and back biting amongs yourselves in stead of collaborating to push your brand to the national level and beyond
●Apaats3 vs. Wisa
●Nii Funny vs. TeshieBoi
●Mornintee vs. Apaats3
●Unko Scizo vs. Tinny
●Slowpee Tayed vs. Apaats3
●Shiloh vs. Tinny
●Wisa vs Tinny
And now…
●Real TeshieBoi vs. Susuma Shado
Skrew Faze abeg who are u also beefing ??
Credits: Enowel Junior

        Real TeshieBoi            vs.                   Susuma Shado   

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