Hon Addai-Nimoh with Him Joe Ghartey

Hmmm many a people have been left mouth-opened ever since his name did not appear on the list of ministerial appointments by HE Nana Akufo Addo.

Many a people have still not recovered from the shocks of his deliberate neglect by the party he diligently served.

Many a people from within and without NPP are yet to understand why a genius of his caliber would be neglected in every regard as far as executive appointments are concerned.

He talks less but leaves many jostling strenuously to grab from his wisdom any time he talks.

His calm unassuming demeanor may be mistaken for weakness, but you need to know the real man behind that blossom demeanor. Such a strong character who firmly holds on to his principles.

He has contributed immensely to the NPP in all regards. He has served as a parliamentarian for Mampong constituency for two terms. During his days in parliament he served diligently, and the records are there for all to see.

He raced for the NPP-flagbearership to lead the party in 2014. He came up as third as a first appearance against two others.

Typical of his all-inclusive character, he went all out to campaign vigorously to garner votes for the NPP in the 2016 elections. I remember on few occasions, he would ask me what the youth are doing to ensure victory in 2016.

He delivered a stunning lecture in the University of Education dubbed “ousting the NDC in 2016, the role of the youth”. This lecture undoubtedly was an eye-opener for many youths present who thought they needed to rely on party support in order to work for the party. I unabashedly state; I was one of those whose commitment for the party bloated as a result of the lecture.

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Subsequent to that, he commissioned a research which was carried out by TESCON UEW-Mampong. He mentioned categorically that he wanted TESCON to identify disgruntled party people and convince them to vote for the party in the elections. All these happened after he had lost the flagbearership race and his seat as MP.

And there are many other testimonies from TESCONs in many institutions such as GIMPA, KNUST,   UCOMS, UDS-Nyankpala, Ho Polytechnic, Sunyani Polytechnic, UPSA, Koforidua Polytechnic, Kumasi Polytechnic etc alluding to the immeasurable financial and material support this hero gave them when the party was penniless, and many did not want to bet their fortunes on the party.

Hon Addai NIMOH with Dr Bawumia at Talensi By Elections

He singularly sponsored many of the orphan constituencies. Almost every party function saw him present. He joined the campaign trail that warped the nooks and crannies of this country. Though he wasn’t given the platform to talk on campaign platforms, that did not want his unwavering commitment.

He’s a civil engineer by professional training and holds a master’s in public administration. He has considerable experience in politics and public service which when tapped could inure to the benefit of this country.

Why wasn’t his name mentioned in the league of appointees?

Could it be that his efforts and commitments were not seen?

Or is it the case that his competence is in doubt? Or is it one of political mafia to push him aside? Or what and what?

Many lingering questions! It has always been part of political expediency across the world to appoint co-competitors in internal political contest after power is won. This is to foster internal party cohesion and consolidate the party’s base.

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NPP should not pretend all is well with the neglect of this genius and party faithful. We have won power, and everyone must be rewarded according to his effort in order to set precedence for future campaigns.

Those chopping with two hands should know that: when you eat alone you vomit alone! A word to the wise is enough…

I salute you Hon Francis Addai-Nimo; my hero, mentor and motivation. Your calmness in the face of this monumental discrimination is worth celebrating.


Alhajj Suleman

NPP Youth: Asawasi Constituency


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