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Ghana Will Be A Leader In Internet Technology

Within the next five years, Ghana is predicted to lead Africa in internet technology.

Ghana Will Be A Leader In Internet Technology
Ghana Will Be A Leader In Internet Technology

The head of Cisco Meraki, a renowned global provider of cloud-based IT services, Chris Larbi, Virtual ESA and West Africa Territory Manager, has hinted that Ghana has what it takes to lead the internet technology services market in Africa and beyond.

He claimed that although Ghana is “a couple of years behind” in terms of internet technology, “I do feel Ghana is going to be at the forefront of internet technology in the next five to 10 years,” despite socioeconomic factors like instability and currency exchange rates, among others.

“If you look at how tourism has grown in Ghana since the year of return in 2020 and how this country is currently using internet bandwidth, you will see that it is constantly growing.”

Additionally, he said, “I do believe that we need the best internet connectivity because all of the foreigners are coming here to use it as their hub to build out throughout Africa.”

Mr. Larbi spoke at an information technology (IT) stakeholder forum organized by IT Horizons and Cisco Meraki, two of the top internet technology service providers, in Accra.

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