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Madam Fanny S. Palmer popularly known as (Auntie Fanny) is a fibroid victim and fibroid fighter who almost died of fibroid surgery some years ago.


On the 29th July 2023 she launched her debut book to create awareness of fibroid and its negative effect on women, being a victim so she chose to carry this burden on her shoulders and fight and create awareness to save others.


The C.E.O of Super Kids Academy and the founder of the Fanny Fine Fibroid Support Group together with her team launched a book titled (DEFEAT FIBROID AND BE FREE), a book that based on her true life story.

Defeat fibroid and be free which is the book comes with ten (10) chapters and eighty (80) pages which talks about the journey of her lifetime during the time she was fighting fibroid on her sick bed, and also guidelines to help prevent fibroid.

In an interview with the media Auntie Fanny said as an Fibroid Awareness Ambassador she wrote the book to create awareness about fibroid and also shared her story to other women who are having fibroid, she explained that fibroid is not a death sentence so when one is affected that person should not lose hope because there is hope for everyone that is having fibroid.

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She also indicated that out of hundred percent (100%) of women in African eighty percent (80%) will develop fibroids at the age fifty (50) and fibroid is common in Africa and it is eating up women slowly which no one is talking about it. So she has taken it upon herself to voice out for every woman to tell the world that it is time to break the silence.

So she urged the government, stakeholders, N.G.O’s, ministry of health, Ghana health service, ministry of Gender and especially president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his wife the first lady and all those who are concerned about women’s health should come together and help to fight fibroid especially the rural areas, she explained that the issue of fibroid is not only affecting the grown up women but it’s also affecting the young girls and if measures are not been taken its will affect the future which is our women.


She also spoke about the challenges that she go through before putting the whole story together such as, financial problems, also she always correct and add up more information that she almost forgot that makes it too stressful for her putting the book together.

Madam Fanny S. Palmer said way forward she is looking up to write another two(2) more books which one(1) is about marriage and the other also in her motherland dialect which is Sierra Leone language, but this particular book which has been launched is her biggest aim, because she is more concerned about health and it helps women a lot because a healthy woman is a healthy nation.

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She also talked about how fibroid generate in the human system, she explained that fibroid is a benign tumor that grow in the reproductive system of a woman who are in childbearing age, so once you’re childbearing age there is a possibility that one can develop fibroid.

She said fibroid dealt with holistically, medically, herbally, spiritually so it can come inside every woman. So it’s a holistic approach because according to research there’s no result that comes out to prove the cause of fibroid. So more needs to be done, Ghana’ Africa and the entire world have to do more research to find the cause of fibroid.


But there are risk factors for somebody to have fibroid if it is your family, there is possibility you can have it if you’re obese.


She also said If one sees her menstruation at an early age there’s a possibility that, that person can have it, also when one is lack of vitamin D and stressful as lifestyle toxic environment it can trigger to fibroid.

So she urged every woman out there to make sure they go for health screening for fibroid once every year, and also make sure they seek for medical advice or treatment.

She also urged the government to help reviewed the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) policy so that the insurance can cover the treatment of the affected fibroids women, and she explained that in Ghana to treat fibroid is very expensive so when the NHIS covers the fibroid patients, it will help fight fibroid and women will be free.

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My story motivated me to write this book because I’ve gone through life and death more than four (4) times fibroid surgery in all seven (7) times, and since I survived all the surgeries I encounter many women sharing the same story with me, so that gave me the motivation to to write this book and spread the awareness and break the silence said by Fanny S. Palmer.


She also explained why she chose Ghana, and she said Ghana is one the beautiful and peaceful country in the world and this is the place she finds herself for everything that she is doing and even about to do.
She also said she will make sure she send the fight to her motherland Sierra Leone to help create fibroid awareness.

She also expressed her gratitude to the men who came to support the book launch and also expect the men to understand the women because they might be ignore them because of fibroid sickness.
So she urged every man should support and stand by a fibroid women to fight and cure it.


Story:flyfmghana.com/Daniel Mensah.

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