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The Open Institute of Technology (OPIT) is getting ready to accept more African students studying IT.

Open Institute of Technology (OPIT), a renowned online university accredited by the European Union (EU) and renowned for its expertise in IT education, is happy to announce that, starting in the 2024–2027 academic year, it will be accepting more students from African countries, including Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana.

The Open Institute of Technology (OPIT) is getting ready to accept more African students studying IT.
The Open Institute of Technology (OPIT) is getting ready to accept more African students studying IT.

OPIT has been committed to offering top-notch information technology education since its founding in 2023, and it is currently broadening its global reach to accept students from various backgrounds around Africa.

OPIT drew a diverse group of 100 students in its first year, from 38 different countries, with a strong African presence. African nations accounted for a percentage of both Bachelor’s (9%) and Master’s (7%) students at OPIT, indicating the institution’s dedication to promoting inclusivity and diversity within its student community.

Furthermore, a significant portion of Master’s students (40%) come from non-STEM backgrounds, highlighting OPIT’s commitment to offering educational opportunities to people from a variety of professional backgrounds.

Students from a diverse range of industries, including consulting, technology, gaming, energy, government, financial services, agriculture, oil and gas, and education, were among those in the first cohort of OPIT. The learning atmosphere at OPIT is rich and energetic due to the varied mix of backgrounds present.

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With the goal of better serving its prospective student body, OPIT has made a number of program, faculty, and support service improvements.

New and Enhanced Programs

For its 2024 BSc in Computer Science program, OPIT has added four new specialized tracks: Metaverse & Gaming, Data Science & AI, Software Development & Cloud Computing, and Cybersecurity. Furthermore, for students who want to combine digital business with fundamental computer science concepts, a new BSc in Digital Business has been introduced.

OPIT currently provides other Master’s Degree alternatives in addition to the MSc Applied Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) curriculum.
MSc in Enterprise Cybersecurity
MSc in Responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI)
MSc in Applied Digital Business

Professor Francesco Profumo, Rector of OPIT and a former Italian Minister of Education, University, and Research, commented on the program’s redesigned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees:

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