Ghanaian Instagram star arrested for terrorism scare in America finally speaks

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In May this year, a Ghanaian social media sensation got arrested in America over a bomb scare

The US-based Ghanaian comedian, real name, Kelvin Asiedu, popularly known as Mr Cocoyam, was processed for court on May 30 over what has also been described as a prank gone wrong which caused fear and panic at a show in a school.

According to the Poughkeepsie Journal, officers at 2:41 p.m. Sunday were dispatched to the CIA for a report of a “dangerous situation,” police said. Officers were told that a man had entered the CIA’s Marriott Pavilion and was acting suspicious.

Asiedu was carrying a backpack and walked to the front of the venue, police said. He sat down, remained seated, got up and left the backpack on the seat, exited the row and stood in the aisle staring at the stage, police said.

He was approached by CIA security and members of the audience who were retired or off-duty law enforcement officers, who asked him to sit down, police said. Asiedu did not respond. The crowd grew nervous and began to evacuate, police said.

Months after the report, the case been closed at a U.S court and Mr Cocoyam has taken to social media to finally give a blow by blow account of what happened.

Read the statement shared on his social media pages below.

Hey everyone something happened this year that changed my life. Truth is I was on my way to lunch and got invited to a symphony by the director of the orchestra at my former University who was retiring and wanted me to see his last performance. (I loved symphonies). Because I was late, in my sweats, book bag and lusciously oiled beared (apparently it made me look like I didn’t belong) and that made me “suspicious”.

I sat down to enjoy the show, and after the first performance tried to get a better seat (not dragging my book bag with me). The moment I moved, a man started yelling at everyone to run because there might be something in the bag. There was chaos! Truth is my friends and I have been profiled many times there (i once had police come to my house in the afternoon to ask me to show proof I live in that neighborhood). So I knew this wasn’t going to be good. I stood there calmly till police came and took me to the station and held me for hours using several tactics trying to get me to admit to huge charges.

I was released that night, thankfully after a small bail, and knew I’d have to fight it in court (case closed last week after surveillance proved it wasn’t a “prank”, just wrong turn of events and overreaction). the last few months have been brutal for me, because after the story was released in the town newspaper, Africans also picked it up and circulated the worst gossip and what should’ve been dismissed a while ago became a huge case. been stuck at home, the mockery from my own countrymen/ friends” and losing everything from my name to my businesses.

Mentally, I wouldn’t wish what I went through on my worst enemy, but I’m glad I survived and used this as an opportunity to discover who I am and my God. Thank you to those who supported me, and those who didn’t thank you too. I’ve learnt lessons either way and I’ve forgiven the universe and It’s why I want to retire and move on, focus on my new journey and build again. So as much as I hate to say it, come the new year, this mrcocoyam page and character wouldn’t be there anymore. Thank you.”


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