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When Kuami Eugene claims to be single, his lover calls him out on it.


Kuami Eugene firmly asserted throughout the interview that he is now single and without a committed partner.

According to him;

“I don’t date… I already know that dating me will be incredibly challenging. To date me, you gotta have thick skin.

Nowadays, women, girls, and everyone—including men—want to be alone…

It will require some sacrifices on your part if you want to have me to yourself because other people won’t just let you have me. You won’t be able to keep Kuami to yourself. You’ll receive a lot.

Pained Linda has issued a strong warning to all the rockstar’s followers who bring gifts for her to deliver to Kuami Eugene in response to the rockstar’s public disassociation from her because she isn’t a delivery lady and they are no longer a couple.


She also advised people to avoid her inbox and to immediately abandon any plans to send her lengthy birthday greetings to later forward to the artist.

She also expressed sorrow for ever deciding to establish a romantic connection with the LYNX entertainment signee in another post.

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Because it’s increasingly clear that the musician doesn’t respect their relationship, Linda has currently blocked Kuami Eugene on all social media sites. She should probably take her own advice and let him enjoy his “single life,” she says.

Watch the video below to know more…

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