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For licking a 5-month-old boy’s p@nis, a 28-year-old woman was hauled into the chief’s palace.

After discovering a 28-year-old lady sucking the p@nis of another woman’s five-month-old infant, angry locals of Ekumfi Narkwa in the Central Region hauled her to the palace of the area’s chief.


According to Adomonline  the woman in issue, known as Esi Aya, who is reported to be married and a mother of three, was seen on camera sucking the baby’s p@nis while he was innocently lying on a mat for nearly two minutes.

The news outlet also claims that a few additional women who were there at the location watched as the deed took place. Instead, a video of the incident shows them giggling and making a running commentary as they record the act.

According to the disgruntled baby boy’s mother, she was in her room when she received the call asking her to come see what was being done to her son.

Esi Aya was taken to the chief’s palace for questioning after the community’s attention was raised to the video that showed her behavior.

What motivated her to perform this deed on the young youngster is still a mystery.

She has received criticism for her actions from certain people who claim that the young kid was abused.

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