Amid the growing concerns of the general Ghanaian public and the stern opposition against the supposed proposal to build a new Parliamentary chamber for the Parliament of Ghana, the voice of the minority, NDC has been the loudest.

Many NDC members have accused the government of misuse of public money when more pressing social issues needs addressing even though the executive have come out to say the issue of the new Parliamentary chamber was only considered at the board level of parliament and the executive was yet to receive any concrete proposal and so is parliament.

But there is a twist. The hypocrisy of the NDC has been laid bare by a video has in our possession which shows Ex. President and current Flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress NDC, John Dramani Mahama was the first to suggest the building of the new Parliamentary chamber house on the premises of the state house in his 2013 State of the Nation Address SONA.

“We will this year commence the a feasibility study for the (constructing) Construction of a new Parliamentary chamber block on the premises of the state house”

This clearly epitomizes the hypocrisy that characterizes our political system. They’re for it when their government is in power and totally against it when they’re in opposition although in this case the ruling party has distanced itself from the proposal.

Parliament is said to hold a press brief today on the issues surrounding the proposal and have in advance acknowledged the growing public backlash and anger to drop the chamber.