Veers update Tuesday 25 April 2017

Episode starts with one of the men from the village coming home to find his wife is not home.. He finds a note, and another man from the village also finds a note from his wife at home.

Veera’s plan works-Scene shifts to all the women preparing food together. Gunjan, Veera, Ratan, and Ranvi are also there. Baldev and Bansuri, along with all the men arrive there and see what’s going on. Veera speaks to them, letting them know that she understands their concerns for having their wives taking care of the kids, and preparing food. Veera tells them that now all the women will prepare food together, and find time to work.

Veera questions the men, asking them if all this responsibility has to be on a woman. Can’t a man also help equally? Veera asks the men to think as a friend for once, instead of only as husbands. One of the men speaks up, praising Veera on coming up with this solution. Baldev is upset. Ratan hugs Veera. Gunjan feels upset and left out when she sees Ranvi, Ratan, and Veera hugging, not including her.

Baldev’s plan fails-An upset Baldev tells Bansuri that their plan failed. Veera sees Baldev and Bansuri leaving and asks them to help prepare food, with everyone else. Veera insists that they stay and have food with everyone, before leaving. Veera grabs Baldev’s hand to take him to help the others prepare food. An irritated Baldev and Bansuri have to help, after Veera told the villagers there that Baldev and Bansuri were planning to leave without helping them. Veera praises Chaiji for giving her the idea, but Chaiji praises her for carrying out the plan.

Chaiji suggests that Ranvi and Gunjan go home together on the bike, while the rest of them will walk home. Gunjan is happy, but Ranvi suggests that they will all walk home together, which upsets Gunjan. The next morning, Ratan and all the women are working. Ratan gives them the good news of a mela that will be held, where Harmeet wants their phulkari work to be sold.

Ranvi is about to have his lunch during his break from work, when he calls Gunjan to come and have lunch with him. Gunjan tells him that she would have loved to have been there, but she is busy with work. Ranvi has an idea, and smiles.

Baldev and his chamchas/ VeeBa- Jaggi offers Baldev tea, but Baldev drops it, because its so hot and he gets mad at Jaggi. He tells them that he burnt his hand a bit after working in preparing food yesterday. Baldev is surprised when Veera hands him ointment for his burn. Baldev is confused when Veera tells him that she wants to see him helping them in preparing food again. Once Veera leaves, Baldev asks Jaggi to put theointment and screams in pain because of the burn.

RanJan- Ranvi is outside, asking Gunjan to come out to see him. Ranvi has set the table right outside so that they can have lunch together. Gunjan is happy, and admires Ranvi while he serves both of them food. Ranvi then tells her that this is Veera’s favorite as well, and calls her to come join them.

Gunjan is upset. Gunjan is upset seeing Ranvi and Veera feeding each other.
The women are still working, when one of them reminds Ratan about cooking food on time for their husbands. Veera tells them not to worry as their husbands have taken over the work of preparing food while they work.

Precap- Ranvi tells Gunjan that there is a Shahrukh Khan movie being shown, and Gunjan tells him that they should go watch the movie together. Gunjan tells herself that she will think of something to get some time alone with Ranvi to watch the movie.

Everybody does the work of order for fair. Biji talk with sampuran singh ji’s photo that everything is getting according to right way. everybody gets ready for fair, ranveer came to room and gunjan says, i have seen bad dream. Biji also reaches there. Gunjan says, i have seen a dream that some body has struck ranveer. Biji then stops ranveer at home. gunjan says, sorry to rab ji. Everybody reaches at shop.
Here ranveer gives lassi to gunjan. ranveer shows a paper and in it, they see shahrukh’s movie poster. gunjan says, lets go. Ranveer says, you stopped me. ranveer laugh on gunjan. Gunjan ask, what happened? ranveer then wipe out the face of gunjan.

Veera sees that tractor gets punctured.everybody gets tensed about clothes. Vera then says, i will bring taxi.

Gunjan throw a paper on ranveer and call ranveer on terrace. She plays with ranveer with paper.
everybody load luggage in tempo. everbody sits in tempo and gone towards fair.
gunjan tries to play a musical instrument but she cant.
Ranveer sings a song for gunjan.

Gunjan says, i am examine you, whether you know your room address or not. Ranveer hugs gunjan.
Veera calls auto rikshaw driver, where is he bringing auto rikshaw.
we are going to wrong way. auto rikshaw driver stops the auto and throws the luggage. veera gets tensed.

Baldev reaches there with his friends. baldev makes laugh on veera and says, what are you doing here, now who will buy this luggage. this is dark forest and nobody is here for helping you. who will help you.
Precap:- Veera says, dont you know, pind people trying to prove herself but they all feel shame in her eyes.


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