DO NOT LOVE ME SO MUCH Episode 107–108 Update on Tuesday 25th April 2017

The episode starts with Ronnie entering Ragini’s birthday party and creating havoc. Neil asks him to get out. Ronnie says he will not as he has to clear old rift with him. Suhani says Ronnie has come to meet her and asks to go as it is Ragini’s birthday today. Ronnie says he will not and says because of Neil and reads Rupali’s diary in which Rupali accepts her love Neil. Neil says everyone knows he and Rupli were in love before marriage, but after marriage with Ragini, he had affair with anyone. Ronnie says he continued his affair with Rupali.

Ragini asks him to stop his nonsense as she knows Neil is not wrong. Ronnie tells Neil went to US on a business trip and met Rupali and rekindled their affair there. He says he can prove that as Rupali got her paternity test done and shows its report. Ragini says she does not believe it.
Ronnie says if she did her paternity testwhen she was pregnant. Ragini says no. He says she did not as she was sure how was her child’s father, but Rupali was in a dilemma about her child’s father. Neil says he does not feel necessary to explain anything.

Ragini walks out angrily. Neil stops her and says she is misunderstanding him. She says she was, but she is not. He insulted her in front of all her children. He says why is she believing Ronnie more than her. She says he was always wrong and ask rupali did paternity testas she was not sure if her child was Ronnie’s or his. He says it cannot be. She says it is.

Ranbir fumes near his car that because of Ragini again, dad got her. He did not want to come, but came on Shilpa’s insistence. Shilpa comes. He shouts at her, breaks their relationship and leaves in his car. Arav sees that and comes near Shilpa, but his friend calls him and says they have to clear Babu’s debt tonight, else he will not spare us.

Ragini tells Neil that betrayed her again and in lieu of bringing her gift went to US to stay with Rupali. Neil sadly goes home. Suhani apologizes him. He says he does not have to. He reminisces proposing Ragini years ago and recent incidents and goes to bed. Ragini also does the same.
Precap: Ragini tells Neil he lied her. He says he never after marriage. She says she trust him and asks him to promise he will never hide anything from her.
The episode starts with Shilp and Arav reaching Mumbai central station and being stopped by Ranbir. Ranbir tries to beat Arav, but Shilpa stops him. He asks if she is eloping with him for money. Shilpa says Arav loves her and thinks from heart, but he thinks only money. Ranbir says he loves her and after breaking up with her realized her value and now wants to live with her. He continues that she is going behind Arav for his money now and leaves. Arav asks her to let Ranbir think whatever he likes and hugs her.

She says she has to go and speak to Ranbir. Arav is shocked. She stops Ranbir and he continues his yelling and asks her to go back to Arav. Shilpa says she hates him. She then asks Arav if he loves her and can do anything for her. He says yes. She says then he should let her go with him. Arav says she cannot do this. She says she has to go with Arav and tries to leave. Arav starts fighting with Ranbir, snatches his gun and points it at him.

Ragini and Neil reach railway stationand are shocked to see Arav point gun at Ranbir. Neil asks Arav to keep the gun down as Ranbir is his brother. Arav says his life is ruined because of Ranbir and he is a failure now. Ragini says he does not have to prove himself. Arav says after a long wait and difficulty, Shilpa accepted him, but Ranbir snatched her again from him. Shilpa asks him not to tell anything to Ranbir and says she always loved only Ranbir.
Arav feels dejected and says he is a very bad and does not deserve to live. Ragini asks him not to say that. He points gun over his head and is about to shoot when Babu don (Madhav) comes and shoots Shilpa. Ranbir shoots at Babu, bullet hits his shoulder. Babu counter shoots, but Shilpa comes in between and bullet hits her. She falls down on ground. Arav is shocked and asks why did she do that. She says she could not love her in this life, but will love her in her next live and dies.

Court hearing starts and judge pronounces Arav guilty for Shilpa’s murder and orders 2 years of imprisonment as he is still minor. Ragini walks fuming. Neil stops her and says he will go to high court and get Arav back. She asks what if high court also denies his plea, will he go to supreme court and says Arav made mistake and is suffering. She says whenever she believed him, she was always betrayed. He asks what did he do. She says he showed Arav wrong path and asks why did he send Arav to his Madh Island bungalow and was enjoying dinner with her when Arav was suffering. He did not even tell her even then. She asks what if Ranbir was caught, he did not rescue Arav on time as he is her son. He says Arav is also her son. She says he is not.
Ragini holds Ranbir’s collar and asks why did he go with gun and says he ruined Arav’s life. Neil says Ranbir is not involved in it. She says he must have provoked Arav as he does not know to even hold gun. Neil asks her not to stretch the issue. She asks if he can bring Arav and send Ranbir to jail instead. He asks why should he do that. She says Arav’s career is finished now. Her children were her pride, but now even they are not with her. He took everything from her, so she will go now. He says he will apologize if she wants and says he will use all his powers and bring back Arav and they all can live under one roof. She says she will continue his lies and she does not have courage to listen to his lies, now she does not have anything to lose at all. He says his house is waiting for her. She says she thinks always about us and our family, but he thinks of only him, his children.

 Their thinking and values differ, so it is better for them to separate. He says he never lied her and says Arav asked her to not tell her anything. She says they are two different people and he should let her go. He says if she has decided, she can stay alone and says she is punishing him second time for the mistake which he did not do. They both part ways remembering their words.
Precap: Ragini and Neil part ways..


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