Veera update Wednesday 26 April 2017

Gunjan and ranveer takes their dinner and ranveer cooks food and gunjan gives compliment about food.. Ranveer says, you said in morning that we will not go outside from house. Gunjan then says, i love you alot but i dont know why you not trust me.

Biji and all the villager waiting for veera. Harmeet paji invites them in fair and ask about their luggage. Biji says that veera is coming with luggage. Biji gets tensed about veera.

Here baldev jeer to veera. Veera says, dont you know that this is villager work. this is hard work from villagers, even they didnt sleep, only for work. They spent their all money in this work because they want to prove herself, but they cant because of you. Please get rid of our enemy for some time, think for pind only for once.

Gunjan says to herself, i will not go again, he didnt come. Ranveer does acting and gunjan calls ranveer. Gunjan looks TV in house then ranveer serve ice cream and kachori to gunjan. Ranveer says, i didnt go outside from home, i called to broker for it. Ranveer and gunjan then see movie in television.
All villagers gets tensed about veera and everybody see tourists. Villagers says, its all due to veera, our dream will get spoiled. Harmeet ji says to biji, why you didnt settle your clothes. Tourist will not stay for longer time.

Biji called to ranveer and ask about veera. Ranveer then goes to find veera.
Veera called to baldev but baldev doesnt listen to her.
veera shouts on him and then baldev says, shut your mouth, we will pack these luggage then we will dragging it and then take lift.
Bansari ji calls to baldev and balwant tayaji reaches there.
bansari then change the topic.
Veera says, this is wrong way. baldev says, rickshaw wala has drop here because i said to him, so follow him. Veera says to herself, i dont how will god made him.
Precap:- baldev borrow richshaw and carry luggage with veera..

Episode starts with ranveer asking from villagers about veera buteverybody denies. Ranveer gets tensed. One man tells about veera and rickshaw wala who had dropped veera in alone captured by ranveer.
Ratan parjai and villagers gets tensed about veera. harmeet praji came with tourist and tourist ask about phulkari clothes. Biji says, clothes on its way but before that, i want to show you something. Biji then phulkari for tourist and they likes it.

Baldev and veera reaches on the road but they find nobody on the road then baldev says, we have to drag more untill we get some transporatation. Veera says, i will help you, now its my turn for dragging, she could not drag. Baldev
finds rickshaw and ranveer put all theluggage at back of richshaw and veera sits in front and have a moment!!!!!

Tyre gets punctured and ranveerreaches there. Ranveer gets angry on baldev and veera stops ranveer and says, baldev is helping me. Baldev says, now i am going, i have finished my work. Veera says, you will not coming with us.

Harmeet paji says to ratan parjai that now he cant stop his tourist. Veera and ranveer reaches at fair and shows dresses. tourist gives compliment about work.

baldev friend’s gives congratulation about his planning. baldev says, oye shut up..if i does all this mysterious work with veera then, i will spoil our pinds prestige. baldev friend’s says, i dont know your nature.

Harmeet paji congratulate to biji and all villagers about their work then harmeet’s brother comes into scene.

Harmeet ji tells parmeet ji about ladies work. everbody gives compliment to everyone.
Biji ask from veera, what happened? Veera says, first of all, baldev has vexed me but then he helped me for bring luggage in fair.

Chaiji says, if veera is giving compliment about baldev then he is good.
In pind, everybody gives slogan of ratan parjai. Ratan parjai congratulateto all villagers. We will stand up for each other then see how we will do improvement.
Precap:- Veera says, thank you to baldev and baldev gathers all villagers and says that veera is giving thank to me..


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