Beautiful women cannot perform in bed – Counselor Lutterodt

The Ghanaian counselor, who is known for his rather outrageous ideas about dating, wedding and sex, has made yet another inflammatory comment about women.
According to the counselor, “beautiful women” are not usually very “enthusiastic” in bed. “Any man who marries a beautiful woman suffers in bed. Mostly women who are beautiful aren’t romantic in bed”, he said. Lutterodt continued to state that because beautiful women were not good in bed, this was why men who cheat do so with “ugly women”. “That is why any man who cheats on his wife, do so with ugly women”. This is not the first Lutterodt has made such inflammatory statements. He is well known for making controversial messages on issues revolving around relationships, sex and dating.
When asked by the host if his wife is also romantic in bed, Lutterodt said, “Call her yourself and ask. Perhaps no man can praise himself after every sexual bouts, it is the lady who can tell how a man performs in bed.

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