Veera Update On Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Ranveer gets happy to hear that they will get help for krishi vidhyalaya. Veera says, instead of this dream but we want you to see as a successful person. Ranveer then accept about it.
Balwant tayaji and baldev gets upset for bansari ji practise. Baldev trying to convince her mother that her voice is not sweet so please dont sing. Bansari ji says, Ok good, now i will not sing.

Baldev sees that veera is capturing images then veer captures baldev’s images. Baldev says, dont you have some work i will give you some work. Let me see the images. Veera says, i am doing some work so dont disturb me. Baldev says, click my pics then you will get help from NGO. Veera says, just go away.
Ratan parjai goes to hospital to see children and then she sees that doctor entertains child.

Ratan meets with sonia (child specialist doctor). Ratan parjai says, you have to do some formalities. GUnjan tries to play musical instrument. Ranveer comes there and gunjan says,teach me this instrument. Gunjan hugs ranveer. Ranveer then says, ok i will teach you. Ratan parjai brings signature from sonia ji. Ratan parjai says, it is really great news for us that you came here. Sonia ji says, thank you.

Ratan parjai says, dont be thank ful. You will be invited for dinner for tonight dinner. Sonia asks about balwant tayaji’s house.
Balwant tayaji is doing rest and baldev reaches there and ask, are you alright? balwant tayaji says, i am enjoying this moment because your biji is not singing and bansari ji came and give sweets to balwant tayaji and baldev. Bansari ji says, now i will follow my talent and i will dance and after dance, i will become famous. Baldev ji says, now earthquake will definitely come at pind.

Veera sees baldev pics and thinks, i dont know why will i click baldev’s snap. Ranveer reaches there and ask about to see snaps. veera avert it and says, i will show you later.
Precap:- Gunjan and ranveer reaches at home and they see that sonia is standing in front of sarpanchi ji’s picture.

Gunjan chats with sonia and gunjan tells her hobbies that she likes to go foreign then sonia show her snaps. Biji reaches at home and ask, what happened, what are you doing in kitchen. Then biji introduces everyone with sonia. Biji tells for dinner. Sonia says, lets take our dinner on land. Then everybody does dinner on land. Sonia tells about her then biji says, you really have good mannersfrom your parents. Sonia says, my parents is no more. Sonia then goes from home. Ranveer says to gunjan, lets come with me. Veera shows pics to ranveer. Veera then shows krishi vidhayalaya model.
Gunjan says, i am not feeling slumber. Ranver then says, lets go in pind for night walk. They see sonia and gunjan asks, what are you doing? Sonia says, i like your pind thats why i came out to see it.

Balwant tayaji and baldev ji waiting for breakfast then baldev inform to him that child specialist came to our pind. Bansari ji says, lets bring ghungru for me. I will practise for bharat natyam. balwant tayaji says, now you dont have the age for dancing. bansari says, shut up. baldev says, no i will not go to pind. bansari ji says, nobody loves me. Ok no problem, this is my dream and i will fulfil it. Baldev then says, why are you crying, ok i will bring ghungru for you.
Balwant tayaji bring out junk from his house then he see his photo with his first wife and his child.
and cries. Bansari ji see balwant tayaji’s photo with
his wife.

Ranveer says, i will stay at home today and help you. Veera says, you go to field, i will handle everything. Ranveer gets tensed. Gunjan then encourage him. Biji says, dont worry ranveer, you and gunjan also given suggestion to veera and veera prepared everything. Veera says, dont worry veerji, i will handle everything. Ranveer says, if they will come then inform to me, i will come back.
Precap:- Gunjan informed to veera that NGO’s member came to house then gunjan trying to show the presentation. Veera and baldev goes to pind but stuck in traffic.


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