Do Not Love Me So Much Episode 117–118 Update on Tuesday 2nd May 2017

The episode starts with Badi naani happily singing ayegaa ayegaa…song.. Sunny asks who will come. Naani says good news. Sunny asks what good news. Naani says she is getting married and her groom will come. Sunny laughs. Just then, a door bell rings and Ragini comes with Aman. Naani calls Aman as chamanlal and says he is in her fate and asks him to come ready in the morning with baraat for their marriage. He says ok and naani goes in. Sunny signs yaa chaha tha kyaa mila…song. and Aman not to feel sad. Aman says he is not and in fact feels himself as chamanlal wearing kurta/dhoti with oiled hair in front of mirror. Ragini asks him to go and take care of Nishi while she comes later.

Aman comes to hospital and asks Nishi how is she. She says she is fine. she sees Neil and calls papa. Aman thinks she is calling him due to memory loss but thinks he did not read anywhere in medical books that cut nerves will lead to memory loss. Nishi strethes his hand and Neil suprasses Aman and hugs her. Aman realizes Nishi was calling Neil as papa. Nishi says Neil that she was missing him a lot.
Suhani and Agam book vacation tickets and insist Ranbir that he is also going with them. He resists at first but agrees. Pam hears that and books tickets for India to meet RK.

Aman informs Dimpy and Karan about Neil coming to meet Nishi. Dimpy says if Ragini and Neil meet, they will start fighting again, so they should stop them from meeting. Karan says he has an idea and calls RK for help. RK reaches Ragini’s house and requests her to give him gujratireceipes. She is about to leave for hospital, but agrees to give her receipe book.

Once she brings book, he says he is very hungry and gets stomache if he does not eat on time. He sits on table. Badi naani comes thinking him as chamanlal/Aman, but seeing him asks who is he. Ragini says she has memory loss and not to bother.

RK finishes food, comes down near car, calls Karan and tells he will take longest route to hospital, till then they should send Neil from there. He calls Devika and tells he needs to talk to her important. She asks him to speak. He asks her to meet. Ragini hears that and asks if he is happy with Devika. He stands silently. She asks if he wants to break his engagement for Pam and says he knows Pam does not believe in love and will not commit to him. He stands silently. She hopes Pam changes for him.

Aman informs Karan and Dimpy that Neil is going back to US via tonight’s flight. Karan says we have to send him out before Ragini comes. Dimpy calls RK and asks what is the status of their mission. He says tigress is sniffing flowers. Dimpy says Karan that means they are around flower market. Aman asks why are they using code language. Neil joins them. Karan says he should go and rest. Neil says let us go and have coffee in Aman’s cabin. Dimpy says he looks tired and should think of his health. Neil says he is fine and says he is going to cafeteria. Karan says last time when thed tried to reunite them, a big mishap happned and they should stop it this time.

Ragini comes to hospital and sees Neil walking. She reminisces their romantic days. He clashes with glass while seeing her. She laughs. She remembers a day when she sniffs laughing gas by mistake and he informs her about Naani’s Alzheimer’s disease and she continuing to laugh. Ragini sees Aman slipping and runs to hold him. Neil feels sad seeing that.

Precap: Nishi says Neil and Ragini that their concern for her is same and have same emotions and looks like they are one even after being separated
The episode starts with Agam and Suhani packing bags excitedly for their island vacation. Agam taunts her that she must be excited as Karthik is coming along.
RK meets Devika in a restaurant. She asks him if he wants to back off. He reminisces Ragini’s words and says things don’t happen as they think. He wants to marry her and will not let her complain in life. She says he is getting too romantic suddenly and asks if someone said something. He nods no. She says she is very happy.

Pam gets nervous thinking about RK. She sees romantic song on TV and thinks why is she watching it. She then reads book and thinks why is she reading romantic book, if she really is in love. She books ticket to India and laughs.
Ragini comes to Nishi’s room and does
not find her on bed. She goes out calling her and asks nurse where is her daughter. Nurse says she did not see anyone. Neil hears their conversation and asks nurse what happened. Nurse says Ragini’s daughter is missing. He finds her in cafeteria and asks what happened. Ragini also comes concerned. Nishi says she was feeling hungry, so came here.

Neil asks if she needs something more. She says no and says they both looked same when they entered concerned for her and seems they aer still one even after being separated. Kabhie khushi kabhie gham…song plays in the background..

Pam calls Karan and asks where is RK. Waiter switches on mixer just then. He thinks some other girl has called and says RK went to drop devika as she was crying. Pam says she cannot hear him much, cuts call and gets happy thinking RK must have broke up with Devika, so it is best for her to go there.
Neil tells Nishi that he has to back to US as he has important work. She asks if work is more important than him. He says she is more important, but without him his pending works cannot clear. Ragini tells nishi that he must be really busy. Nishi says she is expecting more than she deserves and says Neil he can go. He leaves saying he has to go. Nishi starts crying. Ragini consoles her and says we should expect love and happiness which we deserve and says we will go back home. Neil comes back and says she deserves what she thinks, so he canceled going back. She happily hugs him.

While traveling in car, Suhani and Agam get happy hearing Tu hai wahin…song on FM radio. She informs Karthik that it is their parent’s favorite song. Karthik asks Ranbir to comment. He says he is mailing and he has to work also while having fun. Agam jokes that he can work on mail while they listen female song. Suhani says bad joke.
Nishi informs Ragini that papa will come in the morning as she called him here. She asks if she has problem, she will meet him in his hotel. Ragini says it is ok. Sunny comes to nishi’s room in the morning sees blood on her wrist and bed. She worriedly informs Aman that Nishi has attempted suicide again and asks him to come soon. She then runs to inform Ragini. Ragini comes worried and wakes up Nishi. Nishi wakes up and says ketchup fell on her wrist and she could not clean it.

Suhani reaches India with Agam, Ranbir and Karthik. She says she is feeling awsome. Agam says he feels dearness here always. She says she knows. She tells Karthik about her mom and siblings and says they are awsome people. Karthik says he hopes so. Ranbir reminisces Shilpa’s murder and thinks he should not have come back to India. Agam asks how will mom react seeing them. Suhani asks him not to think much and says let us go with the flow. He says she is right.

A man comes to Ragini’s home fuming and scolds Sunny that she called him seeing ketchup and badi naani called other day to fix pipe. He continues complaining that his fav pasttime is running around Ragini’s house now. Neil comes there, sees him in night dress and says finally he shifted here and apologizes for spoiling their cozy morning. Aman tries to speak. Nishi sees Neil and happily hugs him. He asks if she finished her packing.
Precap: Neil informs Ragini that he is taking Nishi to US for some days. She asks if he is trying to become hero in front of her their children and make her a villian and asks if he wants to correct his past mistake.


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