Veera Update on Thursday 4th May 2017

The episode starts with balwant tayaji bring gunjan, sonia goes from outside of house after seeing all this. Bansari ji says, oye, sonia ji kithe gayi!!!
Gunjan says, when i came here, she was there. Balwant tayaji says, oye leave it, bring some medicine for gunjan.

Ranveer thinks about veera then veera comes to home and says, i was gone to karnal for irrigation techniques. Ranveer says, villagers is not showing interest in this technique. Veera says, we will convince for this to villagers but first of all we have to find out the technique.

Ranveer says, first of all we will find gunjan. Veera thinks about an idea then
she thinks about foreigner conversation.
Ranveer gets tensed about gunjan wound. Gunjan says, somebody will see us. Ranveer says, you are my wife and i am fulfilling my responsibility.

Sonia come back to her house and cries and starts chatting with her mother photo. She says, papaji is very happy in his family and i think he forgot his daughter. I will take revenge from papaji.

Ranveer says to veera, now you to your bed, i think he didnt read your letter. Veera says, i have a hope that he will give response and after that every gate will get opened. Veera tried again. After some time he get an invitation from Mr Neil and after that veera says, we want your help and after your help, we will able to open krishi vidhayalaya. Mr Neel manager gets offline and veera gets angry on it.
Biji ask about poland guy. Veera says, no biji. Ranveer says to gunjan, you will not do any work. Then veera gets an mail and veera gets happy after reading mail. Mr Neel will teach you irrigationn technique.
Veera says, i cant believe that they are sponsoring us. Gunjan gets upset.
Balwant tayaji gives compliment to bansari then bansari ji says, if you will again take that girl namethen i will not talk with you.

Ranveer says, i know that you want to foreign then i will not go and you go with veera. Gunjan says, dont tell me anything about it. Ranveer says, thanks i am very happy now. Ranveer hugs veera.

Episode starts with Ranveer gets a call from Mr Neel and he informed that you have to go to Delhi for formalities of your visa. Ranveer says, ok, i will go. Sonia goes to balwant tayaji home and bansari ji ask from her that you are looking so tired. You really work hard, just give some time for your health. Gunjan see the purse of sonia. Here sonia teach dance to bansari ji. She looks gunjan photo with balwant tayaji and she feels jealous. Sonia fall down the photo and she also gets injured. Gunjan comes and gives purse to her. Gunjan says, you really did right, now you can see pritampura.

Sonia says, i will go to hospital. Sonia then thinks to herself, i will make friendship with gunjan then we will hurt balwant ji.. Sonia then goes to gunjan and says, may i come at your home for tea.
Sonia reaches at veera’s home then gunjan says, veera and ranveer is going to poland. Then gunjan and sonia gossip with each other.
Sonia says to gunjan, who is your most lovable person of your life. Gunjan tells, ranveer. Then gunjan asks the same question from sonia and sonia says, i will give answer on right time. Sonia reaches to meet ranveer and ranveer says to her, if you need any help then just tell me.

Sonia gives ghungru to bansari ji then bansari ji says, i will give you sweet on this occasion. Balwant tayaji meets with gunjan and gives gajar ka halwa to her. Gunjan gives compliment to sonia. Gunjan says, i dont think that you are my friend, it seems like that you are like my sister.

Biji packs ranveer and gunjan’s bag and then she sees ranveer and gunjan photo and says to chaiji, ranveer is really grown up. He always walks with me and he never live alone without me then how will he live there. Chaiji says, he will live easily, dont worry. Ranveer and gunjan goes to home after shopping then they see sonia. Sonia says, i am going to hospital with these goods. Gunjan says, ranveer will drop you. Sonia says, thanks and do you know carpenter? i want to put nails in wall. Ranveer says, i will do it tomorrow.
Precap:- Sonia calls to gunjan then gunjan says, now i know everything about you. Sonia gets frightened.


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