Sangeeta was called for PTM for meeting but she was in trouble to go at school but Gunjan according to her drama insisted her to go there as she tells that Shail will manage everything and she leaves. Seema in kitchen, Gunjan asks her that she will have to manage everything but on the other hand she says that why will she manages now, everyone have to do their own work so Gunjan asks her not to do any work. Vihaan comes to meet Rachna outside her home.

At the dinning table, Seema after insisting by Gunjan sits on the chair which is reserved for Dayal. All in way Gunjan is playing a conspiracy to gather the family. Dayal goes to the room for breakfast. Rachna taunts Gunjan that she will be getting all her deeds. Prabhu scolds Gunjan for all she is doing these days. Rachna goes to her father and she sees that even didn’t had her breakfast properly. Gunjan tries to tell Prabhu the whole thing but he denies to listen but Rachna goes and tells him everything and he wished them the best for their courage.

Prabhu is very pleased and blesses both the girls. Rachna is nervous about the plan but Gunjan tells her not to worry and they also promote DID super mom. Rachna fakes a severe stomach achein front of Shail who is very worried . Gunjan removes the phone line so that she will not call Dayal who has gone to meet some business associates. Mayank is worried and asks Gunjan to see what happened and she tells him that Rachna is sick and acts as if she does not care and then pretends to leave for college. Mayank assures Shail nothing will happen to Rachna and calls the doctor. Gunjan is seeing everything from the window. Shail remembers the good memories of Rachna and Mayank. Rachna comes and apologizes that everything is happening because of her and asks her to set everything right.

Sangeeta and Seema come back home hungry and there is no food. They ask Gunjan if she cooked anything but she replies them that she went for college and points to the food Shail has cooked but they can’t eat. Sangeeta tells Seema that Shail would do everything earlier and Seema gets angry tells her she is a thali ka baingan at the comparison and she leaves in anger. Gunjan is happy looking at them and even tells Rachna about how both were fighting. Rachna remembers tying Rakhi to Mayank. Gunjan sees her holding only one Rakhi and Rachna says it’s for Dholu and she asks what about Mayank.

Rachna shows her a Rakhi saying she started making it but was uncertain if Mayank will accept it as he is angry. Gunjan tells her that she will make sure her rakhi is celebrated properly. Dholu comes in and asks if their fight is solved and he is told about the plan. Dholu says he wants jot of rakhis. Mayank comes near the door and sees Rachna while Gunjan is hiding behind the door. Seema is remembers her conversation with Sangeeta who comes and apologizes, she gives her besan ke laddo and Seema starts eating.

Seema says she has called some relative who will be tying rakhi to Mayank and Dholu. She says that those people should be worried who don’t even have a wrist to tie rakhi on. Seema is sure Mayank won’t allow Rachna to tie him rakhi. Meanwhile, Vihaan is at the window and Rachna is shocked to see him, he gives her a cell phone and she wants him to leave but he asks what is her family’s problem now that he has changed. Rachna closes the window hearing a footsteps and it turns out that Gunjan and Prabhu are at the door. They discuss a plan of action which will ensure Rachna can tie rakhi to Mayank, Shail to gopal and prabhu and they are not told about it.
Next morning, Gunjan and Dholu play phoolon ka taaron ka song while Mayank is lost in Rachna’s thoughts and switches it off. Dholu pouts and says he wants to hear it Mayank tells him to lower the volume. Rachna tells herself that she should fulfill her responsiblity and goes out to tie rakhi to Mayank but Seema stops and scolds her. Shail asks her to go to her room. Seema and Sangeeta are discussing loudly that their brothers will be coming and Shail is hurt remembering the time she would tie rakhi to Prabhu and Gopal. The bell rings and a parcel is delivered for Prabhu. Seema opens it and is happy to see a pretty saree. He tells Seema that the saree is for Shail who looks very touched. Seema and Sangeeta are upset. Prabhu puts the saree down and is about to leave.

Seema tells him to eat something but he says he wont as he is used to eating Shail’s halwa poori on the festival. Mayank is upset and Gunjan tells Mayank he can ask Rachna for the rakhi. Chayacomes to Rachna’s room. The relative are tying rakhi to Mayank and Gunjan, Chaya and Rachna come down while Mayank and Rachna keep looking at each other. Chaya asks Mayank that he has record that Rachna is the first person to tie him Rakhi. Mayank is heartbroken.


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