JODHA AKBAR Episode 107–108 Update on Thursday 27th April 2017

Scene 1
jalal comes in court where all are present, jalal says i took 1 day to take decision but now i will give verdict, i wanted to go to depth of this matter so took one day, history witnessed that many kings changed many rules, my father also did that and now i am changing rule of early marriages of girls.. The rule is that girls cant be married before 14 years. All are stunned, jodha and ruks are happy. Jalal says this rule will be implemented to all states, religion and caste. Adka present written rule to priest and he accepts it saying its a good rule. Jalal signs the rule and says now adham cant marry tasnim.

Adham says i have objection to this rule, this is injustice. Adka says remember you are talking to king, maham interrupts and says adham has all the right to present his point. Jalal ask adham to speak. Adham says this rule is out but still there would be marriages in all over country of young girls. My case was presented when this rule was not there so it is not implemented on me, jalal says rules are for everyone, adham says so it should be implemented on jalal also. Adka says enough, king has immunity to all rules. He is law maker. He is zil e ilahi. Only he has the right to change rules or implement them.

King is shadow of God. Adham says if shadow dont follow rules then what people will think? Priest says we agree with adka. Jalal says but adham has got a point. Jalal says i announce that i will follow this rule, i will not marry young girl. All are happy. Adham says very good but you have already did sin. You married immature girl, ruks, she was just 9 years when you married her so isnt it illegal marriage. Jalal shouts adham. Maham is about to slap adham when he stops her and says you are not my mother here but chief minister so you cant punish, only jalal can. I think if this rule is applied to all so there marriages before it should be considered as illegal.

Ruks is furious and she comes in the middle of court and asks how dare he declare malika e khaas’ nikkah illegal. adham says coolly that he was following the orders as per rules, He says shehenshah should accept the new rules and declare his marriage to Ruks illegal . He should give divorce to Ruks and obey the rules

Scene 2
in jalal’s room. All special women are present. Ruks shouts that adham said all rubbish. He insulted me and asked you to give me divorce why you didnt stop him, were your sword became heavy there and hamida also didnt said a word for me. Hamida says its a rule of court that person cant present his point, ruks says but he insulted, hamida always stands for jodha and jalal on jodha’s request changed the rule which made fun our relation, jodha tries to say something, ruks cuts her off and says it is all because jodha, jalal says listen. Ruks says oh now you cant listen a word against jodha, jalal says listen to me. I didnt do anything there as i was king, i know i ignored all his deeds as he was my brother but this time he did a big thing. Ruks says means you will divorce me. Both are pained. Ruks angrily tells Jalal that Jodha had complained So he had changed the rules of the sultanat just to please Jodha, Now she wanted shehenshah to be strong enough to make new rules Because now Ruks herself would complain against the shehenshah …. She wants to see what decision would jalal take. She challenges jalal, Jodhs is shocked while Jalal is surprised.. She leaves

Scene 3
adham is drinking when maham comes. Adham says beat me beat me. Maham says i would have beheaded you how you can think of this divorce? Adham says i listened to adka jalal discussion. Maham kisses his forehead. Maham says you thought like me. Now we have to what jalal will do, take jodha’s side and give divorce to ruks, in that case all blame will be on jodha. Or if he dont give divorce then you will get tasnim. Adham says but he can do nikkah with ruks again. Maham says he cant as it is against law. Ruks will have to do nikkah with other man, spend sometime with him then take divorce only than jalal can marry her again. this will not be accepted by both. maham is happy and proud of adham and salutes him.
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Scene 4
jodha is sad in her room and says to moti that i curse my fate. Whenever i try do something good, wrong happens. I tried to save tasnim but end up hurting ruks. Ruks is rightly angry , she loves jalal a lot and her relation is being questioned because of me. Moti says its all because of that adham, jalal would have punished him in court only. Jodha says i am thinking about ruks, i hurt her. Moti says you didnt. Jodha says i know whose mistake is this moti ask who? Jodha says leave it, go sleep. Moti goes. Jodha cries with pain in her eyes.

Scene 1
jalal is in thoughts and thinks this matter is getting entangled day by day, 1st jodha’s complaint, then adham’s nikkah proposal and divorce then ruks furious. Suddenly hoshiyar comes crying and says ruks has become uncontrollable.Jalal goes to her and sees her room being messed up. He ask what is this, ruks says why you cant see my heart burning, you thought about jodha’s complaint, adham’s point, people welfare but what about our relation. she is accuses Jalal that he gave utmost importance to jodha’s problems .. He listened to every word of Adham even when he insulted Ruks in full court But only when it was the matter of Ruks his childhood friend …..his wife .. His partner in happiness … In his good and bad times … could he allow this to happen to her ?.she is inconsolable. I always gave suggestion in political matters and now my relation is at stake. Jalal says it doesnt suit you, control yourself. You are queen.

Scene 2
maham says to resham have seen anyone winning game without playing, resham ask whether jalal will divorce ruks? Maham says no but happily discusses about her upper hand as Ruks was now out of the way as Adham khan had set every thing in position, She is very happy with the situation. She is sure Adham would marry Tasneem .. Only no one should leak that Adham had bribed Tasnim’s parents into submission ..Resham is sharing her happiness and MAaham is warning her .
otherside, ruks cries and ask jalal how can you be calm? What will you do to give me peace? Will you make me go away? Jalal hugs her and they remember their childhood, where jalal says to ruks that how can you read and write? I am not interested in this, ruks says its important for king but i will help you whenever you need i will come, jalal says no need to come i will not allow you to go. Fb ends. Ruks says i am still with you, i want to be with you. Jalal says i know you know me best and you know i have responsibilities as a king, ruks says i know you will take right decision tomorrow, and give adham hard punishment, she cries

Scene 3
jalal in night is thinking that one side is jodha’s complaint, otherside my relation with ruks and then adham’s trap. Jalal sees weight balance and imagines one side he is sitting and other side ruks in balance. Jodha comes there. Jalal ask her to speak, jodha says you told me that you dont weight your relation in this balance. He nods. Jodha says than why are you weighing your ruks relation. You wanted better for people but adham in attempt to hide his deeds trapped you. Jalal says you are right, i had gone in disguise to tasnim’s house and got to know that they are forcing her to marry adham. Jodha says everything is clear, punish adham. Jalal says i saw one more thing that young was married to old man. Thanks to you. I can stop adham but i want betterment of people. I want to save young girls’ life. Jodha says but you cant put your relation at stake.

Jalal says as a king i have to think about people. He gives example of a king who plucked a fruit from garden then his forces destroyed whole garden. So 1st king have to follow rules. Jodha says i agree but you cant change past because of new rule. He says but i want to set example for people that king is also under law. You said it right that women is being treated as material, rich can buy her, poor can sell her and some just gift her. All do this whether its adham or jalaluddin. Jodha is stunned. Jalal ask why stunned? You married me to save your state and now tasnim is giving herself to save her family. Why women always do sacrifice? Jodha says i dont have answer. But i know one thing that you cant change past bcoz of new rule, ruks loves you alot. To give justice to tasnim you cant do injustice with ruks. She leaves.

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Scene 4
In Harem begums are gossiping about jalal ruks divorce ..they are laughing as hoshiyar tries to supress their gossiping … They make fun of hoshiyar that he will go also with ruks.
Jala is discussing with Hameeda … She too wants jalal to look after his relation with ruks as she is not only Dughter in law but her daughter too. Jalal assures him ammi that he would take care of every thing and his ammi’s and ruks’ happiness too

Scene 5
In her room ruks is smoking hokah .. She is thinking of the moment adham had asked Jalal to divorce ruks
Maham comes there to sympathise with her, Ruks accuses her of taking her son’s side. Maham then tries to say that jodha was trying to mislead jalal ruks then accuses Maham about her son insulting jalal when adham had ordered jalal to divorce ruks, Maham then tries to divert Ruks attention to Jodha, tries to impress Ruks that Jodha was trying to get closer to Jalal and trying to usurp her position .. Ruks gets impressed with Maham’s words. Maham then tells her that Adham is suffering too as he is in love with tasneem and could not become father.

she gives example of glass which is filled with water and she can make place by putting finger in it but if she takes out even then glass is filled same way if she is in harem then have her place but if she goes then someone else will fill her place and she know who it will be.Ruks is thoughtful
Jodha and moti are praying in her room singing bhajan of kanha ..” Hey muralidhar …”
Ruks barges in furiously and orders her to stop all this fake pretence …
She orders her to show her true face …jodha is shocked
Precap- Adham is shouting in court that injustice has been done with him. Jalal rises from his throne and yells stop Adham khaan !!! He then announces that the rule was for every one ..he looks at expectant Ruks behind the veil …. He announces He would divorce Ruks ..
Ruls is in tears heart broken .. Jodha is distraught and disappointed.


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