Parliament orders condescending Normalization Committee to apologise to clubs over ‘Greedy, Selfish’ comments

Ghana’s Parliamentary Select Committee for Sports and Culture has ordered the bumptious Ghana FA Normalization Committee to swiftly apologise to Premier League clubs for describing them ‘greedy, selfish and braggadocios.’

In a meeting with the Parliamentary Select Committee on Tuesday, the Normalization Committee members, with their tails between their legs, were scolded and made to understand that their posture against the clubs has been overly unprofessional and insulting.

The Parliamentary Select Committee reprimanded the committee members and ordered them to swiftly render a remorseful apology to the clubs for their unguarded statement which the Select Committee describes as ‘insults’.

Speaking to Happy FM in Accra, Hon. Alex Kofi Agyekum, Chairman of Parliamentary Select Committee on Youth, Sports and Culture admitted that the statement of the NC to the clubs was unfortunate, revealing that they have been directed to apologise to the clubs.

“Yes we have asked the Normalization Committee to apologize to the Premier League clubs for the insults,” he said.

“If you’re dealing with someone, no matter the provocation once you have agreed to work, you can’t be insulting people.

“We made them to understand that going forward, you can’t be throwing insults and calling them names like greedy, braggadocio and selfish.

“So the Normalization Committee will come out to apologize,” he assured.

Hon. Agyekum also revealed that the NC ignorantly and unjustifiably lifted their description of the clubs from the Anas Exposé which is aggressively being contested in court.

“According to the Normalization Committee these words were used in the Anas video as captions. But we told them that they can’t use them the context in which the those words were used is totally different. They must do the right thing,” he revealed.

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The NC is expected to issue a statement apologising to the clubs by close of work on Wednesday as the Parliamentary Select Committee looks to settle the matter amicably.

kwabena Frimpong

kwabena Frimpong

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