It is said that, health is wealth.To manage your wealth well, you need a financial expert and likewise, to manage your health you need a knowledgeable person in the field of health.

Today marks one year since Ghana had a new director general for the health services.

However as Ghanaians we need to chronicle some of our health challenges before he assumed office as the Director General Of Ghana Health Service, this will make us as Ghanaians understand and appreciate the progress we are making as far as our health system is concerned.

Before then, when was the last time you heard of any private health facility suspending it’s operations because NHIA is owing them?

When was the last time you heard of a patient been turned away in our government hospitals or ask to buy certain things in the hospital because they lack hospital consumables?

Better still, when was the last time you heard nurses ‘crying ‘ for not being treated fairly as far as the issue of their promotion facilitation and payments is concern?

It is only those who have been following our health system that will understand these issues I raised.

I am not saying we have reached the level of ‘Paradise’ yet but with measures being put in place by Dr Anthony nsiah Asare together with Hon. Kwaku agyman manu Ghanaians will soon harvest the fruits planted .

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We had CHIPs compounds without equipment to equip them deliver quality service, compounds without proper functioning motorcycles to connect with the The people for services

This government since assuming office is making several efforts not to only equip these facilities with staffs but the necessary equipment needed to enhance their work.

Dr Nsiah Asare personally on several occasions had to come down to supervise trainings aimed at strengthening CHIPS concept of health to build staff capacities in the area of their field.

His great focus has always been the preventive aspects of health since prevention is better than cure

One great laudable idea has to do with using technology in gathering early data for prompt action. District Health Information Management System (DIHMS II) . This system seeks to connects all health facilities across the country. Today with this system in place health issues of a remote area such as sekyere Afram Plains in Ashanti region is known by the authorities in greater Accra.

Government is still committed to clear back lock of nurses and other health staff refused employment by the previous govt since the year 2011.

Ghana Health Service in partnership with other private health facilities have the interest of Ghanaians at heart and will do all things possible do give them the quality health care promised.
As Country we still have challenges but the future looks bright.

Abubakar Mohammed awufor

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