My heart is saddened when I hear people politicising the increase of social vices (day light robbery) in Ghana.

These subsequent act is becoming an embarrassment to the Ghanaian society and also has created an unpleasant slur on our national identity which represent a trajectory of visible token of incivility and brutishness.

We as citizens of the country must know that, the current happenings started way back some years ago. I remember a call I made way back in 2015/2016 to the police when the youth were gradually engaging themselves in the intake of tramore, a drug which is very dangerous and can make one do anything including killing a fellow human without regret.
Because proper precautions were not taken, tramore has become a normal drug taken by the youth here in Ghana, which has become very unfortunate.
It is important to know that, foundation of this canker I believe was the security agencies mode of earlier response to the issue to tramore way back when it started gaining root in the country.
So I ask, were the police not aware of the harmful effect of taking tramore when it started gaining attention to the youth?

We must also be aware that,
Human character is formed at the core of the human being, when nobody is looking.

What many fails to understand is that, the current happenings is nothing new; however the effects of such character flaw is amplified as a result of the massive intake of drugs which the police stood unconcerned of.
In life a tree does not grow in a day, it starts as a seed,
The fruit that grows on the tree represents what kind of tree it is.
We must also note that, though, we might see a tree, its trunk, branches and leaves, there still exists a root system below the ground that is hidden. Until the root is uprooted, cutting the stem and leaves doesn’t solve anything.

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Again, we Ghanaians have taken everything lightly that, we take everything to be normal.
Strangers in our society are not monitored, huge monies are carried around without police escorts, and ignoring security measures just in the name of trust.

We live with people who are “societal unfriendly” but fear to report them to the police. These little things we as citizens fails to do also contributes to the current rise in social vices.

I have heard people saying too many of the citizens are unemployed and do not have access to productive economic opportunity, this is contributing to the current increase in social vices, yes I might agree with them to some certain stage but being unemployed is not a yardstick to engage into such act.

We as a country must understand that, shielding criminals flouts the laws of the land and must desist from it.
There have been several innocent souls that have been destroyed because of our negligence and ignorance.

I am also pleading with the right authorities to be proactive and also deal with anyone found culpable of such crime.
I will end this by demanding the society and the youth to meditate on below patriotic song, which i think will be the solution to all the current issues.

“Arise Ghana youth for your country, The nation demands your devotion, Let us all unite to uphold her, And make her great and strong, We are all involved
In building our motherland.”

Thank you.

William Ampong ( Scriptures)

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