Fearless Heart Update on Monday 15th May 2017

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As anticipated, El JefEEE does not enlighten Sam and Willy concerning Clara. He tries and Willy and Sam say that they would prefer not to hear what he needs to state and instruct him to escape their lives. He answers that that can’t occur due to Nic. At the point when EEE tries once more, he is hindered by a call from D8D, who, of course, debilitates Nic if EEE yaks to Willy and Sam. EEE just discloses to them that Lorena impregnated other ladies with Sam’s prepared eggs however the center has no evidence of anything. Sam and Willy instruct him to get lost.

Recently, Gus revealed to Miggy that he had data about FF yet things being what they are it is a similar data Miggy as of now had: that FF has been assumed to a position with greatest security and Gus doesn’t know where that is. Miggy doesn’t trust him.

FF is some restorative sort put. She tries to compose a letter to Miggy.

Sam is mooched out by this most recent bit of awful news. Willy tries to solace her adage that together they are indestructable. At that point the telephone rings and there is all the more terrible news – Jessie’s dad’s has been killed.

JM discloses to Angie that there isn’t anything amongst him and Laura and that he is ridiculously sad for what he did previously. Angie answers he rolled out her improvement her life. She has proceeded onward and couldn’t care less about him any longer.

Since Jessie’s mom can’t or won’t assume responsibility of her, Duvalsays that she is liable to the purview of the Juvenile Court and will presumably be sent to an adolescent office. Jessieis resentful about this thought and begs Duval to let her stay with Willy and Sam.

Camilo goes to see Dante to reveal to him that he got his stock. Dante is extremely repressed as though he didn’t know that medication managing as often as possible includes executing individuals. He is not inspired by his share of the stock but rather takes a kilo that Camilo has on him to benefit the general population at the club.

Miggy discloses to JM that he is urgent to discover FF. JM puts forth the amazing expression that Miggy is likely not the best bodyguard for FF since he is included with her. Haven’t practically every one of the bodyguards on this novela have become included with their customers? Miggy is annoyed and says that he wouldn’t like to work for JM any longer or live there.

Evidently, Miggy surrendered his flat when he went to inhabit JM’s home. He inquires as to whether he can remain at his home. Gus is cheerful to have Miggy there. Miggy discloses to Gus that he is certain that D8D is in charge of the passings of Victor and Johnny.

Sam and Willy return home from Germany and are informed that Nic and Jessie have fled from home.

EEE goes to see D8D. D8D is happy that EEE didn’t enlighten Sam and Willy regarding Clara. EEE cautions D8D to avoid his child. Rodrigo discloses to D8D that he couldn’t rest throughout the night agonizing over FF. D8D answers that FF is under police assurance and nobody knows where – aside from Verdugo.

Stress over FF hasn’t given Miggy a chance to rest either. At that point he recalls the ring with the microchip that FF has. He begins following her.

A specialist at the FF’s new residence is a terrible person however she puts him off by saying that she needs to utilize the restroom.

We have new acknowledges for the show for a large portion of the new characters.

Miggy takes after the flag from the ring to a place that resembles a distribution center with ambulances before it.

Génesis tests Laura about her own life. JM apologizes to Laura for the kiss and says that it is an unbalanced circumstance in light of the fact that Angie is his ex and Laura is Gus’ ex. Laura guarantees him that she is not getting included with JM as reprisal on Gus. JM is a man that she prefers.

The security in the FF new area is good to the point that Miggy can get in essentially by putting on a couple of cleans.

Gus comes to talk with D8D however he guarantees that Victor was a slight colleague and he doesn’t know anything about narcotrafficers.

Miggy chloroforms two cops and discovers FF. She hits him with a jug yet he is alright.

EEE appears at Willy’s home and inquires as to whether they are certain that Nic and Jessie fled rather than being hijacked. He and Willy fight about who can call themselves Nic’s dad.

EEE comes to see D8D and reveals to him that he would be wise to not have been included in Nic’s vanishing.

Willy requests to JM for legitimate help in getting guardianship of Jessie. JM prevails with regards to getting impermanent guardianship for Sam and Willie.

FF spruces up in a portion of the on-screen character’s garments and dances around. For some individual who had surgery yesterday and was “muy delicada,” she is fit as a fiddle. She and Miggy kiss.

Gus requests that Angie move in with him. JM catches. Angie does not react.

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Clara asks Rodrigo what the story is with D8D. Frightening individuals like Dante visit and after that the police. She says that somebody disclosed to her that D8D is a mafioso. Rodrio answers that D8D is the best person on the planet and she doesn’t have anything to stress over.

The fakers Nic and Jessie appear at D8D’s for offer assistance.

Sam has a dream of an infant calling her name. She asks Willy, “imagine a scenario where EEE wasn’t lying.

Miggy and FF at long last engage in sexual relations before a fire in the huge chateau.

Miggy and FF escape from the protected house put in a rescue vehicle.

Angie reveals to Laura that she couldn’t care less about JM.

Miggy takes FF to the terrific house in Hollywood of a celebrated film performing artist whose life he spared in Mexico.

D8D discloses to Rodrigo that things aren’t going admirably. FF has gotten away from the protected house place and it doesn’t appear that she was taken by the police. D8D can hardly imagine how it was Miggy.

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