Do Not Love Me So Much Episode 135–136 Update on Monday 15th May 2017

The episode starts Ragini asking Neil why he is keeping her under dark as usual. He asks what did he do. She shows a video footage where he is talking with Karthik and with her usual annoying soda bottle gushing style asks why did not he tell her that he is asking Karthik to perform IVF on Nishi, says he is Nishi’s mother and asks who is he to hide it such a big issue from her. He says he is Nishi’s father and Karthik is an expert in IVF and he wanted to do Nishi’s preliminary test to check her compatibility and then inform her last to stop her from getting more depressed and sad. Ragini calms down.
Sunny asks Aman to tell about IVF as he heard Neil talking about IVF with Ragini. Aman gets nervous and thinks Neil wants Ragini’s IVF. He says he cannot say. Ragini enters and tells Sunny Neil was talking about Nishi’s IVF. Sunny asks what is IVF. Ragini leaves shyingly.
Sunny sees Pam carrying sweets and asks if she is going to eat it. Pam starts shouting that she is fasting and taking it for someone else. Sunny takes plate and starts having sweets. RK comes and Pam asks him to tell how dedicatedly she is performing fasting/vrat. RK nods yes. Sunny says chor ki daadi me tinka… and leaves.
Nishi and all youngsters discuss about Nishi’s IVF treatment and think how to inform Neil. Neil enters and says Nishi that he is convinced with her IVF treatment and she is undergoing it under Karthik’s expert hands. Nishi happily hugs him and says she was away from him for 15 days, but whenever she had to take her life’s important decisions, he was with her. Neil asks Ranbir to learn some expertise from Karthik. Ranbir says he wants to do something big. Agam asks them to stop talking about medicine and get back as a family. He runs and hugs Neil and even Suhani follows him.
Ragini looks at Aarav’s pic and starts crying. Aman sees that and tries to console her. She continues crying and says she was worried about Arav always and did not let him away any time, but he is in jail now away from her. Aman says he will arrange to let her meet Aarav or at least speak to him over phone.
Neil sees Aman walking in corridor and stops him. Aman gets nervous seeing him. Neil talks about Nishi’s IVF and says he should help as he is Nishi’s would be father. He should convince Jignesh’s parents. Aman nods yes for everything till Neil leaves.
Aman enters Jignesh’s grandma’s room and sees her reading geeta. Grandma sees Aman and asks why did he come here. He blubbers Nishi and Jignesh’s child… Grandma asks if he is talking about IVF. He asks if she knows about it. She says she read in gujratinewspaper. He asks if she reads newspaper. She says first she performs pooja, then reads papers, and then rest. He asks if she is not having any problem with Nishi’s IVF. She says why will she, she just needs Jignesh and Nishi’s child, may be it is from pooja or IVF, she does not mind. She asks why did he come though. He says everyone wanted a gentleman to explain her. She says she talked and he was nervous, already neil told her about it and asks who told he is a gentleman. He thinks Neil made him a scapegoat and prays god to make him Neil and Neil as Aman in next life to take his revenge.
Dr. Devika calls Ragini and tells she is coming to farm house to surprise RK. Ragini says she is most welcome. Devika asks if RK will be surprised. Ragini says of course.
Sunny sees Pam and RK walking holding hands. They separate seeing her and ask why did she come here. She says she came to call them down for pooja, but they can only after getting free. Pam asks what did she say and why was she blushing. RK says he does not know. They both continue their romance.
Tech savy panditji starts pooja and asks RK to switch on wifi. He takes his data card. Neil asks to start pooja. Panditji asks Ragini’s husband to extend his hand. Both Neil and Aman extend their hands.
Precap: Ragini scolds Neil in front of Aman and tells Aman that he was taking care of Nishi for 15 years and treated her when she was will since childhood and went to her school as a guardian, not Neil.
The episode starts with Pandit starting pooja and asking Nishi’s father to extend hand. Both Neil and Aman extend their hands. Pandit says he knows Neil is Nishi’s ex-papa and Aamn is future papa, so they both can extend hands. He starts pooja and asks everyone to chant mantra once he counts 3 in reverse. Karan jokes it is like a race and not pooja. Pandit asks him not to joke, else grahas will get angry. He continues pooja and adds oil in havan fire. Fumes start and Aman goes unconscious.
Neil carries Aman to his room and once he wakes up asks why did he go unconscious and huffs and puffs often. Aman says he is fasting since morning and felt dizzy due to fumes. Neil continues taunting him. Ragini interferes and starts taunting Neil that he was not there with Nishi for 15 years, but Aman took care of her like a father and even went to his school as a guardian. She continues taunting. Neil leaves asking Aman to have some medicines he kept for him and get energy.
Everyone start having food after pooja. Jignesh’s grandma/baa asks Pam to have food and she says she will have with RK. RK comes and she asks to have food now. Sunny taunts Pam that she can have her favorite rabri, etc., now.
Aman breaks his fast and starts having food and tells Ragini that he realized value of food after fasting and will fast every month. He says he will become like Neil soon. Ragini says he cannot and she does want him to be like Neil as he is better than him. Inspector calls Aman and says Aarav’s next court hearing is after 15 days and says he does not know why they don’t want to meet Aarav and it is adversely affecting Aarav. Aman promises that he will attend this time with Ragini.
While enjoying alchol, Karan tells Neil that he bullies Aman a lot and RK backs him. Neil says he will not from here. Karan comments about his and Ragini’s relationship next. Neil says his work is done here and now he will convince Jignesh’s father for Nishi’s IVF and then go back to US tomorrow. He comes down and sees Aman passing. He stops him and tells he is going back to US tomorrow. Aman asks if he informed ragini. Neil says he would inform her anyways, so he did not. He asks to take care of Ragini and walks from there.
Ragini comes to Neil’s house and says Aman told he is leaving back to US tomorrow. He says yes and starts his usual moral gyaan and witty dialogues. She asks him to have food now. He says he knows even she would not have had food and asks to join him. She joins and he starts feeding her and asks not to trouble Aman more. He continues his dialogues.
Precap: Ragini calls Aarav in jail. He asks who is she. She says she is his mother. He says he does not know her and cuts call.

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