Fake Pastors alert: Woman's deformed limb miraculously healed twice

Fake Pastors alert: Woman’s deformed limb miraculously healed twice

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For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. This is what is scripted in Mattew 24:24, indeed the Bible was certainly referring to persons like some two false prophets who have surfaced in Nigeria.

By far, this is the best dramatic display in disguise as a miracle by God. The ‘deformed woman’ and the ‘Prophets of God’ truly deserve some African Movie Awards for Best Female Actress and Best Supporting Actors respectively.

“Whatever witches took from you, right now I give it back to you. Did you see what the Holy Ghost did here?” these were the words of one of the two prophets.

In the video making waves on social media, a woman with a deformed limb who is believed to be in her 30’s is ‘miraculously healed’ by two different ‘Prophets of God’.

On both occasions, the woman’s right hand was in the same deformed state and after some recitations by these pastors, her hand stretched out.

The ‘fake’ miracle performed before the congregation at their respective churches appears to have been very well crafted. Such a fiction transformed into a made-believe certainly deserves an Oscars.

When the first video surfaced on social media it received several comments from believers who acknowledged the great power of God. It was a different ball game after they realized it may just have been another scam aimed at attracting innocent Christians. These victims end up being milked- dry of all their money in a bid to end their problems.

It was after a careful comparison by discerning viewers that they busted the activities of the two fake Nigerian Pastors who were using the name of God to ‘deceive’ their congregation.

The second fake prophet in the video was seen commanding his god to heal the sick woman. He made this declaration, “I retrieve her bone from the household of witches.

“They will pay for this; you saw 3 people you thought you were dreaming they pushed you… you now fell it was then that you woke up. Can you see that, I want camera to show it. You went there and they told you that they don’t see anything than bone in there, if witches can do this my God can do better than this,” he prophesied.

Social media users who felt deceived shared their views,

“They must be paying her good”

Another commented that, “She is probably a witch herself or its magic. She agrees to this for a fee, I’m sure or maybe she is pressured into this life like a slave? Either way bring these “pastors” down!!”

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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