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Vidoe: Lady Shares Her Experience After Piecing Her Tongue

One of the most painful experiences is to bite your tongue while chewing something very delicious and unexpectedly a drop of blood mixes with it.

A lady who has passed such stage of eating and bite decided to piece her tongue just to have a ring put on it.

She never considered the health implication of the action she took even though it might sound weird to hear about the implication.

Whatever ring she will insert into the hold has some form of chemical which is used to coat the ring to protects its from eroding.

However, as she continues to eat hot meals, these chemicals will erode gradually and ends up into her blood stream, which can sometimes poison her blood.

This could go a long way to affect her and even leave her with cancer of any sought.

However, she seems to enjoy the piecing though and she shared her experience of the piecing.

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Source: thedistin.com

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