Veers update Wednesday 19 April 2017

Episode starts at election office. Officer comes and declares the result that ratan has won the election. Veera and Ranvi hug Ratan in delight., everbody cheer for ratan sampuran singh, Zindabad!!! Ratan gives thanks to everybody and promise to villagers that she will fulfill all the dreams of pind.
Baldev gets dejected and leaves. Ratan says, we believe in unity and tomorrow i will organise an assembly in which we will disuss our village development programs. Veera catches Baldev and taunts him, what about your dreams, you lost this election etc etc…, baldev leaves looking devastated and reaches his office shows aggression and destroy his office(Vishal was just amazing… Hats off dude). Bansuri hugs to console him and says to herself, ratan, you did wrong with my son and you will suffer for this.
Ratan shows her surprise about the election results and says if she can fulfil her duties well. Ranvi says, you can do it. Ratan says, how will i do it, i dont know, what will i say tomorrow? Veera says, we will be with you everytime and you have experience and you can explain everything to everyone. Gunjan see all this and goes into her room and see her clothes. Ranvi comes and ask her what’s up. Gunjan says, i bought this turban for you but you didnt stand in this election. Ranvi says, there is no difference between me and biji.
In morning everybody welcomes ratan. Balwant gives his turban to ratan. Villagers taunt Bansuri ., Bansari scolded that woman. That woman retorts, there is no need of being shameful. A man throws a stone on ratan then Ranvi catches him and then that man says, i cant see Ratan as sarpanch. To which Ratan says, what is the difference between man and woman, she can share your work in farms and cook your food then why can’t she run the pind. She looks at veera proudly. Suddenly Baldev says, now i get the idea, I know how I can become sarpanch. Assembly gets over. Ratan sees that RanJan and veera are not there.
Ratan and Bansuri-Episode starts with Ratan going up to Bansuri and asking her not to let this sarpanch election affect their relationship. Bansuri angrily tells Ratan that she is the one who broke Baldev’s dreams, by running in the sarpanch elections. Ratan then reminds Bansuri that Bansuri and Baldev had done the same with Ranvi, by using fraudulent papers, so that Ranvi is disqualified. Ratan reminds Bansuri that it was Baldev who attacked Ranvi from behind. Ratan and family have not used such tactics.
Ratan’s Surprise-Ratan arrives home to find the house is completely dark. A video then starts to play, showing a montage on Ratan, with Veera narrating. The lights then come on once the video ends, and Veera hugs Ratan, with Ranvi, Gunjan, and Chaiji watching. Ratan gets emotional and hugs Veera. Ratan calls Gunjan over, and blesses her for taking care of the house and of Ranvi so well. Ratan hands over the responsibility of the house to Gunjan, handing over the keys to the house. Gunjan thanks Ratan and takes her blessing.
Baldev at the dhaba-Scene shifts to Baldev drinking at the dhaba with others. Baldev talks about how Ratan, being a woman is not strong enough to take care of their village. One of the men there, speaks in favor of Ratan, and Baldev gets irritated, reminding him of how embarrassing it will be for their village. He tells them that women are supposed to stay home, while men are supposed to go out and work.
RanJan-Scene shifts to Ranvi seeing that Gunjan’s top part of her suit is untied, so he goes and ties it. Gunjan is taken by surprise, and they share a moment. Just then Gunjan sees Ratan’s reflection in the plate, and she gets embarrassed and irritated at Ranvi.
Balwant comes in then. He has breakfast with them, and then leaves with Ranvi. Balwant is happy to see one of his old friends, and introduces him to Ranvi. The friend tells Balwant that he is in Pritampura to start a pulkari business. Ranvi asks him for his number, and lets him know that he will try and help him.
Ranvi comes back home, and talks to Ratan, about encouraging women to take part in other work outside of the house as well to become independent. Ranvi then tells Ratan and Veera about the phulkari business, which will be a good way to get women in the village more involved and independent. Everyone agrees and is happy with Ranvi’s idea.

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RanJan- Ranvi and Gunjan are playing hide and seek, and have some moments together. Gunjan gets jealous thinking of how because Ranvi is so goodlooking, some single girl might go after Ranvi. Ranvi plays along, saying he would give attention to that girl, which upsets Gunjan. She tells him that only she has the right to be with Ranvi. Ranvi promises Gunjan that no other girl will ever come in their way, as he only has eyes for Gunjan.
Precap-Gunjan and Ranvi find Veera sleeping in their room. Ranvi tells her they will let Veera sleep, and go sleep elsewhere. An irritated Gunjan purposely drops a vase, which wakes Veera up. Ranvi tells her to go back to sleep, but Veera wishes them goodnight and then leaves. Gunjan is happy.


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