Veers update Wednesday 12 April 2017

Episode starts with Veera announcing to the people about Ranvi’s rally to speak to them, and asks them to be there to support their future sarpanch. An angry Billa (Baldev’s chamcha) hears this and leaves in anger.
Scene shifts to Baldev and Bansuri, where Bansuri is telling Baldev to think and answer. That’s when Billa arrives to let Baldev know about Ranvi’s rally. Bansuri is upset that Balwant is supporting Ranvi instead of Baldev. Baldev tells Bansuri to calm down, and assures her that he knows what he is doing. Baldev vows to hold a rally as well.

RanDev Tashan- Ranvi in his tractor, along with Ratan and Gunjan come face to face with Baldev and Bansuri in his jeep. Baldev honks his horn continuously, and finally Ranvi moves his tractor to let Baldev and Bansuri go by
in their jeep. Both Baldev and Bansuri look happy. Baldev promises Ranvi that he will keep pushing him back, while Baldev will move forward in the sarpanch race. Ranvi replies by letting Baldev know that he is helping him by bringing him back on the right track, and bringing their pind on the right track.

Ranvi and Veera arrive for Ranvi’s rally in front of the villagers. Veera wishes Ranvi luck for his speech, and everyone claps for him. Ranvi is quiet for some time, making people wonder what’s wrong. Ranvi flashbacks to Ratan giving his dad’s turban to wear, and gets his strength to speak. Ranvi confidently speaks letting the people know that he is not a magician but he is here to help their village. Ratan notices that many people aren’t here at the rally yet, and she asks Veera where the others are, who were supposed to be at Ranvi’s rally. Veera agrees, wondering where the rest of the villagers are.

That’s when Baldev’s rally arrives with his chamchas, Bansuri, and some other people supporting him. Baldev promises to set up movie theaters in their village, along with shopping malls. People start moving away from Ranvi’s rally towards Baldev’s instead. Ranvi continues by promising schools and colleges for their village. Ranvi tries to continue his speech, but Baldev continues, not letting Ranvi speak. Veera gets upset, and promises to teach Baldev a lesson for cheating in these elections.

Balwant apologizes to Ranvi later for Baldev’s behavior. Ranvi asks Balwant and Veera not to confront Baldev. He tells them that Baldev has his own way of doing things, and Ranvi will continue his hardwork for the position of sarpanch.

Baldev’s jalsa-Veera leaves, and sees Jaggi and Billa welcoming people to Baldev’s rally. Baldev tells Veera that he held a jalsa. Veera asks Baldev why does he sound nervous, like he is hiding something. Veera notices that all the people there are men, and she questions Baldev about why there aren’t any women at his jalsa. Veera wants to see the jalsa, but Baldev refuses. Veera pretends to be upset, asking Baldev if he loves her or not. Baldev tells Veera that he wouldn’t feel comfortable seeing Veera sitting with all the men at the jalsa. Baldev promises to call Veera later, as he is busy right now. Veera vows to teach Baldev a lesson.

RanJan-Scene shifts to Gunjan and Ranvi in their room, and Ranvi sees Gunjan writing something. Gunjan reveals that she is writing all about Baldev’s wrong deeds, which she will reveal to everyone. Ranvi disagrees with Gunjan’s plan. He tells her that family issues are separate from sarpanch issues. Gunjan justifies that there is nothing wrong in reacting and responding this way.

Ranvi refuses, as he wants people to elect their sarpanch the right way. Gunjan refuses, letting Ranvi know that he is nave, but she is there to help him. Ranvi puts the paper in his mouth, and swallows it. Gunjan gives him water to drink, and is amused, letting him know that she was preparing food for him anyway, and he didn’t have to eat that piece of paper.
Precap- Veera is disguised as a sardarji, and along with Dalbeer, she tries to get into Baldev’s jalsa. Baldev arrives there, when Jaggi and Billa refuse to let them in.

Short one
Veera disguises herself as a Sardar, and enters the dhaba where Baldev is hosting a party.
Baldev’s friends stop Veera and Dalveer.
However, Baldev asks Veera and Dalveer to join them.
Dalveer exchanges the alcohol with coloured water.

The villagers confront Baldev for serving coloured water, instead of alcohol.
Meanwhile, Veera’s identity gets revealed.

Later, Veera suggests her family to perform a street play, to convey their thought to the villagers.
Precap: Veera says a shayari and drinks alcohol with other villagers. Baldev comes there and sees it.



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