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Ranvi took the villagers to the farmsand showed them a person who sold his land for some money and is now forced to work as a labourer just to earn some bread. He told them a farmer only knows the value of his land,how come they sell their precious land just for the sake of some money and a cinema hall,he said it was his duty to alert them and now it’s up to them if they still want to sell their land.People agreed and told Ranvi that now they won’t sell their lands to anyone. Then we see Baldev coming with his fellows , he asked the villagers to sign the contract(meant for sale of lands) but the villagers refuses to do so. He tried to make the people understand that don’t come in Ranvi’s words , he’s just acting as a hurdle in the development of the village but the villagers denied and went leaving a fumed Baldev. Baldev became angry and shouted at Ranvi . Ranvi, Veera and Gunjam left the place.
Gunjan appreciated Ranvi , she told him that it was difficult to make people understand but he did it quite conveniently. She said Baldev can do anything to win the elections , don’t know why he’s so angry these days. Veera was shown lost and confused.
Baldev was shown fuming in anger and scolded Billa and Jaggi for their carelessness , he got a call from the business man Mr Arora who asked him to come to his office. He told Billa and Jaggi to leave the place before he comes.
Billa and Jaggi blamed Ranvi for all the chaos and decided to teach him a lesson.
Ranvi was walking in the streets and was suddenly stopped by Bila and jaggi and two other people who were on their bikes , Jaggi told Ranvi that he’s playing games to defeat Baldev but now he will teach him a lesson and that now he won’t be able to stand in the elections.Jaggi lifted his hand to beat Ranvi , Ranvi stopped him from doing so and hit Jaggi , billa and the other two guys. Jaggi took a stick and hit the same on Ranvi’s head. Ranvi fainted and fell on the ground. Billa and jaggi got scared and decided to leave the place so that they don’t get caught.
Two people saw Ranvi and took him to the house , everyone became worried seeing him like this. Veera suggested to take Ranvi to the hospital.
Baldev told Billa and Jaggi that he has talked to Arora and he agrees to give him some more time to make people sell their lands. He asked them what’s the matter , is there something wrong? Billa and Jaggi told him the entire matter , Baldev became worried , he told them how come they do this to Ranvi , he’s his sister’s husband and left the place.
In the hospital everyone was wondering how Ranvi got injured. Veera blamed Baldev for the same , she said this must be his trick to win the elections , Ratan and Gunjan defended Baldev and told Veera that she shouldn’t blame him without knowing the truth. Gunjan told Veera that Baldev can never hurt his dear ones.
Ratan, chaiji, Veera and Gunjan went to meet Ranvi. They asked him if he’s alright. Baldev came there. Veera asked Ranvi who did this to you , he said he just fell off from his bike and got injured(while looking at Baldev).Veera saw him going from there. She stopped him and asked how can he do this to her brother . She told him that last night she felt sorry for him and thought whatever she did to him was wrong but now she believes that he deserve this only , Baldev wanted to tell her the truth but Veera didn’t let him utter a single word. She warned him that if in future he will try to harm Ranvi , she won’t let him live.
Episode starts with some women from the village telling Bansuri about Ranvi being in the hospital. Bansuri is shocked and wonders how it happened. Bansuri calls Gunjan then and asks how Ranvi is doing. Bansuri comforts Gunjan, telling her that everything will be okay.
Baldev arrives in the house then, all serious and upset. Bansuri asks him if he knows about Ranvi’s injury. Bansuri questions Baldev if he had anything to do with this. Baldev tells her that he didn’t do anything, but his friends did it. A worried Bansuri asks Baldev if Ranvi said anything. Baldev wonders aloud why Ranvi didn’t tell everyone that Baldev was involved in this. If he did, Ranvi would have been closer to becoming sarpanch. Baldev doesn’t understand how Ranvi can be such a nice person. Bansuri tells Baldev that this is all Ranvi’s plan to get people’s votes. Baldev disagrees, saying that Ranvi isn’t like that.
RanJan- Ranvi finds Gunjan standing by his side in the hospital, and tells her to rest. An emotional Gunjan tells him that she is also feeling the pain that he is going through. Ranvi pretends to be in pain, and then Gunjan automatically asks him if he is okay. Ranvi and Gunjan then hug. “O Rabba” plays in the background. Ranvi and Gunjan are then shown feeding each other. The next morning, Ranvi wakes up to find Gunjan sleeping by his side. Ratan, Chaiji, and Veera come to see him.
When Ranvi comes out of the hospital with everyone, he finds all the villagers outside supporting him. The villagers tell him that they know who is behind all this, and that this was not an accident. They vow to support Ranvi. Baldev hears all this on the side, and he is upset.
An angry Baldev storms into the house, telling Bansuri that she was right. Ranvi is using his injury to get votes from the villagers. Baldev is angry at himself that he viewed Ranvi as being honest and genuine, when in fact, he was plotting and planning all along. Bansuri tells Baldev that its not his fault, since he is naive compared to Ranvi. Baldev worries about the contract with Arora for the land. Bansuri comforts Baldev, letting him know that she is good with planning all this. She will take care of everything.

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VeeBa-Baldev vows that he will think of something to win against Ranvi. Baldev comes up with a plan. He will make use of the money given by Arora for his plan. Later, Baldev on his bike comes face to face with Veera on her bike. Both look angry. Baldev angrily tells Veera that he knows what they are doing, but he is smarter than them. He will win against them. Veera finally speaks, telling him Ranvi will win. Both ride away on their bikes then.
Ranvi calls out to Veera, when Gunjan comes and asks him why he didn’t call her. He tells her that he needs Veera’s help with the laptop. Gunjan tells him that she can do it, what’s so hard. She knows a bit of English. When Gunjan tries to turn on the laptop, she is confused. By then Veera comes in and helps.
Precap-Veera finds Baldev going to a villager’s house in the middle of the night, and wonder’s what he is upto. She sees Baldev giving that man a package, and takes a picture/video on her phone.


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