Veera update Tuesday 18 April 2017

The election officer tells Ranvijay that he has not mentioned about the property which got transferred in his name, the previous day..
Gunjan informs Ranvijay about Bansari’s gift.
Ranvijay asks his family to return home.
Gunjan informs Ranvijay that she was not aware of Bansari’s conspiracy.
Veera confronts Baldev for deceiving Ranvijay. She vows to ruin Baldev.
Baldev rebukes Veera for deceiving him.
Balwant confronts Bansari for conspiring against Gunjan and Ranvijay.

Episode starts with Gunjan cries and says, this time also son’s mother win and i lost. BIji, you always doublecross me. I didnt get love from your side. Now its enough, but not now. You always think that you dont have a daughter but from now onwards i think that i dont have mother. Gunjan gone from her father home.
Veera does conversation with officer. Ranveer come to biji and says, take your dinner biji. Biji says, i dont know why will your name backstep from election. Someone doublecross us. How will i fulfil your father’s dream?
Veera reaches there and says, there is no need of compromise, we will definitely fulfil our dream. Baldve friends and his biji gives compliment to baldev. Baldev sees veera and taunts her about her brother and says, give your vote to me. Veera says, i will give vote to the right person.

everybody comes in front of election office. Election officer announces the name of candidate. Bakhtawar singh, baldev singh. Then he announces ratan sampuran singh’s name. Baldev gets surprised. Election officer tells the reason. Villagers denies about this decision. Veera says to everyone, this is not a lady, she did the man type work. She does the farming. Does anyone in this pind who has done farming and also does house hold works. Ratan parjai says, i know this is first time in our pind but i put step forward my step ahead because i want to think goodness of this pind. dont reject me not only for the reason that i am lady. baldev says, i will easily understand your problem so vote for me. Villagers quarreled with each other.
Voting starts. everybody done the voting process. Veera reaches there and says, i like your advise because you gave me idea thats why my mother stand up in this election and i gave vote to biji. Baldev says, read the history, only man become the sarpanch.

balwant tayaji gives compliments to ratan prajai. Ratan parjai says, its all due to veera, ranveer and veera prepare me and for them i decided to stand up in this election.
Balwant tayaji says, you are the right candidate after ranveer. I pray for God, so that you will become sarpanch. Bansari ji says, if ratan will become sarpanch then how will i see my face to everyone. Baldev says, dont worry, nobody will give vote to her. I will definitely become sarpanch.

Precap:- Officer says, all the votes get counted and officers then declares the name.



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