Veera update Tuesday 11 April 2017

Episode starts with Ranveer and gunjan done campaigning and says, i didnt came here for advertisment but i want to say you that vote for right candidate. Ranveer goes to house of one old man and old man says, what happen if i will not give vote. Because if i will not go for service then how will i survive with my family. Ranveer says, i will help only for humanity.

Baldev goes to tea shop and frightens villagers. baldev friends tells a secret.
Ranveer and gunjan goes to same old man home and see that he is enjoying life with his family. He says, why will i spent my life for earning, i will get 500 rs per month and get 3 times food regularly.
Baldev came and says, have you seen my politics? Now you see how will i beat you. Everything is fare in love and war.

Biji and veera and chaiji does house work. Veera prepares poster for ranveer. Veera ask, how it is? Biji says, it is good. Chaiji says, oye ratan look carefully, she wrote wrong.
Baldev distribute cd’s to pind people and says, this heroine knows me. Veera reaches there and says, give me these cd’s and run away from there. Veera says, when will you spent time with me. I am going. baldev says, let me finish my work, we will meet tomorrow. Bansari also does campaigning. Ratan parjai hear all this and says, ranveer is also sarpanch ji’s son and he will not let down to anyone for this election.

Baldev friend waiting for baldev and baldev reaches there and ask, where were you. baldev says, veera bring me to eat mango and she wants top most mango and for that, i fall down. Gunjan and ranveer reaches at home, gunjan says, veerji has done wrong, we are trying alot but veerji is spoiling our plan. Ranveer says, we have to change mind set of villagers.

Chaiji see and says, whenever you will stop your play with water then came here and drink lassi. Biji reaches in a angry mood. Veera also reaches there, and ask, will anyone want mango? Biji ask about campaigning. Gunjan tells that veerji is making trouble for ranveer. Veera says, i will teach them lesson.

Episode starts with Ratan asking Ranvi why he looks upset. Gunjan reveals to them that Baldev has been bribing the villagers for votes. Veera is upset, and Ranvi refuses to do anything wrong to become sarpanch. Veera suggests Ranvi has a rally to get his points across. Ranvi is not sure, but Veera convinces him to have a rally tomorrow. Ratan agrees with Veera’s plan. Finally, Ranvi also agrees to Veera’s plan.

Ranvi is then seen practicing for his campaign in front of the mirror. He struggles to come up with a good speech. Ratan comes and sees Ranvi struggling with his speech. Ratan goes to Gunjan and asks her to go and spend time with Ranvi. She asks Gunjan to support Ranvi during this campaign. Ratan tells Gunjan that even though women might be considered weak, a man’s strength comes

 from a woman.
RanJan Scene-Gunjan hugs Ranvi, but he is too stressed out. He asks her to leave him alone. Gunjan reminds Ranvi that he has the qualities required to become sarpanch. He is strong, determined, and helpful, and Gunjan tells him that she knows how she can help him. Gunjan tells him to tie a handkerchief that she gives him around his wrist. Ranvi is irritated, telling her how can this help him.

Veera comes in then, and tells him that she believes in Ranvi completely. She reminds him about how he used to confidently go up on stage to sing when he was in school. Veera shows Ranvi the completed speech, but asks him a few more points to mention in the speech. Veera asks Ranvi to imagine that there is no one in front of him tomorrow when he stands in front of all the people to speak. She asks him to think of the person who gives him strength. Gunjan is listening with anticipation, but then Ranvi tells Veera that she is the person he thinks of to give him strength. Gunjan is disappointed. A disappointed Gunjan leaves the handkerchief aside and leaves from the room.

RanJan Scene-That’s when Ranvi realizes that Gunjan left, and he sees the handkerchief with their name “RanJan” on it, left there. Gunjan is putting the clothes to dry, when she notices the handkerchief with “RanJan” on it. She notices Ranvi then, and he tells her that he will wear this handkerchief on his wrist, as it will give him strength. Gunjan is happy to hear that. Ranvi asks Gunjan to tie the handkerchief on her wrist, but Gunjan tells him she will tie it tomorrow before his speech.Ranvi grabs hold of her hand, and asks her to tie it now, and then tie the handkerchief again tomorrow.

VeeBa Scene-Veera comes to see Baldev, but Baldev looks uncomfortable, like he doesn’t want her to see something. Baldev asks Veera why she is here, and she should have called him earlier. Veera reminds Baldev that he was supposed to come two hours earlier to see her. Veera asks Baldev what is it that he is hiding behind that door. Baldev tries to change the subject. Veera offers him lasagna which she made specially for him. Baldev pronounces it as “lassianiya”. Baldev tries it, and spits it out, asking her if she even knows what ingredients to put in. He tells her that if she doesn’t know how to cook, she should not cook. Veera looks upset, and Baldev tries to comfort her, referring to the lasagna as “lafanga” this time. Baldev then tells her that the lasagna is really good. Veera is really happy and feeds him some more, with Baldev silently just eating it, looking upset.

The door to the room opens then, with someone doing work inside. Baldev quickly closes it, before Veera sees anything. Once Veera leaves, Baldev wonders how he will survive on Veera’s food after marriage.

Scene shifts to Ranvi practicing his speech again. This time, Ratan comes in with Sampooran’s turban to wear. She tells Ranvi that by wearing this turban, he will always have his father by his side, and she puts it on for Ranvi.

Precap- Ranvi is about to give his speech in front of the village, and Veera wishes him all the best. Everyone claps for Ranvi before he gives his speech.



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