Police officer on duty kisses young lady on the street

A young lady, Nana Ama, who was stopped in the middle of the night on the streets and kissed by a policeman, said she felt defiled and violated. 

The Police Intelligence and Professional Standards unit (PIPS) is currently investigating the bizarre incident. 

Narrating the events to Joy FM’s Super Morning Show host Kojo Yankson, Monday, the blogger said on March 26, 2017 she was driving on the Obasanjo Highway around 3am when a police officer stopped her. 

After answering a few questions from the policeman, he ordered her out of the car. 

He continued with a barrage of questions and unexpectedly, he planted a kiss on her lips. 

Stunned and frozen, she managed to ask why he did that. 

His sheepish answer, ‘I don’t know why,’ didn’t do much to dim her outrage and confusion. 

Fearing a worse fate lurking around the still morning and the ominous presence of a lawless law enforcer, she concealed the rage and asked permission to leave. 

The rest of the 30-minute drive was done with blurred vision as her eyes filled with tears barely managed to stay focused on the road. 

Nana Ama said she lodged a complaint with the Achimota police station but officers on duty laughed haughtily at her. 

“They laughed for about five minutes. They said it was very funny so they laughed at me…and told me to go to Kotobabi [Police Station],” she stated. 

At the Kotobabi Police Station, two police officers who took her complaint, prevailed on her to drop the case as the consequences for the man who violated her could be grave. 

After persisting and giving the police her statement, Nana Ama said she was asked to return the next day and when she got in she was confronted by the predator “who had sexually assaulted me” in an office with two other police investigators. 

She said he confessed to doing it, said he didn’t know why he did it, and then knelt down and cried and begged for forgiveness. 

The two officers, too, prevailed on Nana Ama to drop the case but she persisted in her pursuit of justice.
When the police started dragging their feet, she escalated things by tweeting about it. 

That got her in touch with Director of Police Public Affairs Superintendent Cephas Arthur who put her in touch with an officer at PIPS. 

The officer who allegedly engaged in the offensive conduct came to PIPS and changed his story, denying the incident ever happened. 

He told the investigator at PIPS he stopped Nana Ama but she yelled and hurled abuses at him and drove off. 

Two other police officers who were on duty with him on the day the incident happened corroborated his new story. 

Shocked, disgusted and galled by the turn of events, Nana Ama requested that the two investigators at Kotobabi Police Station before whom the policeman confessed to kissing her and consequently knelt down and begged for forgiveness, be invited for questioning. 

To complete her confusion, the two officers told PIPS they couldn’t remember whether or not the officer admitted to the offence. They, however, admitted he knelt down and begged. 

Fortunately for Nana Ama, she had instinctively recorded his confession and subsequent begging and played same to the investigator. 

She believes the investigator is convinced by her version of events. 

DSP Cephas Arthur said he sympathised with Nana Ama. 

He said the police are committed to getting to the bottom of the matter. 

If found guilty, the officer, he said, could be dismissed, suffer a reduction in rank or some other punishment as the police authorities may deem fit. 

Young lady stopped and kissed on the streets by a policeman 

Policeman stops young lady and kisses her


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