Taifa shooting: Police failed to act – Residents

Residents of Taifa-Burkina, a suburb of the Dome-Kwabenya constituency expressed disappointment in the Police over their untimely response to neutralising the gun-wielding Rasta man, Gideon, who went on a shooting spree in the area, threatening the lives of inhabitants. 

Speaking exclusively to GhanaWeb, the disgruntled residents voiced out their displeasure at the attitudes of people who have the sole responsibility of protecting citizens from such threatening situations; they believe an immediate response from the police would have done a great deal in curbing the situation and preventing further escalation. 

According to an eyewitness who spoke on condition of anonymity, he reported the incidence to the Police at the Taifa Burkina station which is less than a minute walk from the crime scene almost immediately after the threat by the shooter; one ‘Rasta’ man, who threatened to bring a gun to kill the other man; KoKoti, for allegedly ‘stealing’ his girlfriend. 

He (the eyewitness) further explained that the police rather than finding an immediate solution to the situation referred him to another police station; the Bankyi Ase Police station for reasons that they don’t have guns in their possession.

The situation he said was not any different at the Bankyi Ase Police station where he was referred by personnel present to another Police station; the Atomic Police station about 15mins drive away from the scene. According to him, he was not attended to till after 3 hours at the Atomic Police station. 

He noted with displeasure, the indifferent attitude the police attached to the issue; the sole reason the issue worsened to the extent of claiming two lives, he explained.

Residents also expressed fear that the Police whose mandate it is to maintain sanity in the community may not be able to do so in times likes this. 

Meanwhile, the Lady in question; Vanessa who was being fought over is said to have turned herself in to the Atomic Police station for questioning. The ‘Rasta’ man is reportedly under Police custody currently at the Madina Police station.



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