Simple Maria update Friday 21 April 2017

After Rodrigo checked on Maria, the scan shows that Maria may not be able to regain her memory again and this truly hit the family very much especially Cristobal but Juan Pablo calms him down that it may be that his mum’s brain may not remember him but her heart will forever recollect their good moments together thus the great love she’s always had for him since the heart never they invite Maria in and they tell her the results of the story and she becomes really affected.Maria thinks she can’t have any intimacy with Cristobal now that she sees him as a stranger and so she asks Cristobal to do her a favor by leaving her house because she feels itwill be best for her and he feels reluctant but Maria stresses that if he really loves her then he should give her space and he has to agree for the sake of Maria’s happiness. But before he takes her to see her family in the village and they look happy seeing herbut becomes sad upon knowing that she lost her mind after Pina explained things to them.Vasty goes to the Orphanage and pretending to adopt a child, one of the nun’s takes her inside to take a look atthe children and describing how they all ended up there and the names and why they gave the name Lupita to a child and quickly she detects that, thatLupita is Maria’s child and right after the nun left to get water for Vasty as requested, she returns only to find out that Vasty has kidnap the child Lupita and run away with her.Finally, Fabian clears his doubt about her daughter and Raul after Yolanda tells him that she is the one pregnant and not actually Zoe and truly he looksso happy that the family is expecting achild again.Cristobal informs his mum about the state of Maria and how she doesn’t even recollect him again and has asked him to leave the house but Feli also tells him not to give up because she truly can tell that the brain of Maria might have forgotten him but her heart will never forget their great love for each other.Claudia tells Juan Pablo that she is willing to tell him who kidnapped his mum but before he has to allow Paloma to withdraw her charges against her so she can be released and Juan agrees and so Claudia reveals it was Vasty and he looks so shocked. In the same vein, the police also arrivein the house and he tries to interrogate Maria is she can actually draw the so-called woman she calls her sister and so Maria tries sketchingher and quickly he shows her Vasty’s picture since her sketch resembled her and seriously Maria is able to identify Vasty and they become shock that Vasty is still alive and not dead. Quickly Mother Superior receives a message that Lupita has being kidnapped and this also hit them very much especially Pina.Vasty takes the child to a certain neighborhood to look for a place to stay and someone to look after the child and it turns out Sonia, Cristobal’sex-wife is ready to be the caretaker over the child.Juan Pablo calls Paloma and he tells how Claudia has negotiated with her to withdraw the charges against her but he thinks there is no point in doingso since if she had told him early where her mum is, all this incidence wouldn’t have happened to his mum and so they wouldn’t have to honor hispromise to release her since she was an accomplice of Vasty.Cristobal asks Alejandro if he is going to take advantage of Maria’s lost memory to win her over again and he says of course because he also do love her and he (Cristobal) does and Cristobal goes shocked.Juan Pablo sits his mum down and hetries recollecting her on all the harm Vasty has done to the family and how she went through hell to raise him up to this time all on her own with the unconditional help of Cristobal and right after Juan left, Vasty calls Maria to tell her that if she truly wants to seeher dear Lupita again then she has to do exactly what she tells her and Maria goes nervous.

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