Simple Maria Final Episode update Sunday 23 April 2017

Loreano prefers to speak with Mother Superior and after he goes to speak with Pina if she do remember Alejandro giving two identical Medallions to Maria and thus one for Lucia and the other for her unborn child but won it so it doesn’t get lost. Loreano then brings the two Medallion out from his pocket telling Pina who each one belongs too and Pina goes tearful and nervous but Loreano tells her Lupita is indeed Maria’s daughter because the heart doesn’t make a mistake and that is why ever since Maria saw Lupita, she felt something special only a true mother could feel. Pina refuses to give her up but Loreano wants her to tell Maria the truth and this actually breaks Pina’s heart into pieces.
So Pina goes to ask Maria to come with her to her room and there she reveals to her the truth about Lupita being her daughter and Maria’s eyes now is filled with tears of joy as she gives her the medallion of Guadalupe.
Maria then tells Cristobal about it and he also looks so much happy though in great shock and in tears but Maria still can’t remember Cristobal as her husband but he doesn’t want to lose her too.
Maria then asks Pina to assist her in taking care of Lupita as she said she did with Juan Pablo.
Maria begins to think about the three men, Alejandro, Cristobal, and Rodrigo as to which of them she is supposed to choose to be her partner and so after, she calls the three to her house and chooses Rodrigo over the two men who has really being a part of her life signifying that with Rodrigo she has no pass to remember and therefore can start a new relationship with him and seriously the two men especially Cristobal looks very hurt that the love of his life can’t even remember him.
Loreano and Pina goes to the orphanage to adopt Martin and he looks so happy that at long last, he has gotten foster parents.
The baptism of Lupita is being done and unfortunately, Vasty arrives to shoot Maria but Cristobal rather receives the bullet to save Maria and quickly they get hold of Vasty so she never escapes this time around and truly she is arrested and put in jail and she becomes an inmate of Claudia and Sonia.
Upon Rodrigo telling Maria that Cristobal may not be able to survive the bullet as it actually entered a severe part of her body, her heart begins to pant severely for Cristobal as and Feli looks so depressed.
Sonia and Claudia beat Vasty up mercilessly and stab her and in the end, Claudia finishes her by cutting her throat with knife and she dies painfully.
Maria goes to see Cristobal after the operation and she starts to remember her first day Cristobal introduced her to Cristobal for the first time and how they got married and how he made her a woman. Now she wants him to fight and survive for her because she now remembers him as the greatest love of his life.
Cristobal survives and he and Maria renew their marriage vow and their love is rekindled again.
Alejandro also gets married to a beautiful woman and they now have a daughter. Together, Feli prays to God and thanked him for giving them such a nice family and prays to God continue to teach them to love to bring peace in the family.


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