Prophet Adam blames God for failed dumsor prophesy

The prophet who predicted total blackout in the entire nation on Sunday is ready to be sacrificed.

Prophet Jackson Kwadwo Adam maintains that he had the revelation from God but “He [God] decides what to do at any given time”.

Prophet Adams caused fire and panic in the country after Ghana will be plunged into a total blackout known in local parlance as dumsor in the entire country for three weeks.

He explained that the mysterious blackout which will leave the entire country without electricity will happen on Sunday, May 14, 2017.

Many were confused since the country has just recovered from the incessant erratic power supply popularly known as dumsor.

As we kept our fingers crossed, the entire country on Sunday had light and no one even complained about low current in their area.
But Prophet Jackson Kwadwo Adam said God is to blame for the failed prophecy.

“I am who I am [God] in his mind knows what He is doing so I still stand by what I said. I will not retract” he stated on Adom Evening News Monday.

The man of God said Ghanaians would be justified if they decide to lynch him for causing fear and panic but “So long as Christ is alive, I’m not afraid”.

Prophet Adam, however, urged Ghanaians not to treat the prophecy with contempt since it is very likely to come to pass.

‘Let us prepare ourselves so we don’t know the second, minute, hour so let us wait


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