Petition Over Unpaid Allowances – NaBco Beneficiaries To Chief Executive Office

The Chief Executive Office, Nation Builders Corp, Accra 1st March, 2019.

Dear sir,


  1. In exercise of our contractual rights, we would want to bring to your notice our displeasure of NaBco’s failure to pay our monthly stipends due us for the past 4months.

  2. It is very embarrassing to learn that NaBco which has already been funded for with promising future has been left to remain in administrative quagmire as far as stipends are concerned.

  3. The petition is grounded on the fact that we have been subjected to numerous and various requests for personal data and validation of our particulars most importantly our e-zwich card numbers on which our payments are being made which we have willingly complied especially the just recent “update of our information and upload of assumption of duty letters through the portal”. NaBco’s failure to pay us for the months of November and December 2018 which most of our colleagues have duly enjoyed this cake, despite the fulfillment of our side of obligation which is being at work post since November 1st, has cost us and families, bringing continuous hardship in our lives.

  4. Further to our disappointment, we have seen a circular from the top hierarchy of NaBco purporting all November and December stipends have been duly paid and that those of us who are yet to receive have some questions to answer which have not been communicated nor brought to our notice of the said communique.

  5. As far as our immediate need of our stipends are concerned, we are by the petition making a strong demand from NaBco, as a matter of urgency, PAY US for the said period that we have worked by the close of work on Monday 4th March, 2019. Failure to do so will make us not to hesitate in mounting a demonstration in all the regions of this country. Thank You.
    SIGNED: All NaBco Beneficiaries with “Wrong USN” problem not paid since November.

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Cc. The Chief of Staff, Office of the President
The Chief Executive Officer, NaBco

kwabena Frimpong

kwabena Frimpong

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