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We need more Ghanaian female police officers — UN


Mr Luis Carrilho (2nd left) interacting with Mr Oppong-Boanuh and some top police officers during his visit to the Ghana Police Headquarters
Mr Luis Carrilho (2nd left) interacting with Mr Oppong-Boanuh and some top police officers during his visit to the Ghana Police Headquarters
The United Nations (UN) Police Advisor, Mr Luis Carrilho, has called on the Ghana Police Administration to include more women on peacekeeping missions, as those deployed in the past discharged their duties creditably.
Mr Carrilho explained that more policewomen were recommended for peacekeeping missions because they were not only compassionate but also paid attention to details.

The Police Advisor, who is also the Director of the Police Division at the UN Headquarters in New York, made the call during a courtesy call on the acting Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mr James Oppong-Boanuh, at the Police Headquarters in Accra yesterday.


According Mr Carrilho, records showed that women performed better in peacekeeping missions in their roles of handling internally displaced persons and taking care of the vulnerable.

“The UN Police are usually deployed in environments where there are people in need who are victims of crimes, internally displaced people, refugees and mainly people who really need the support of the police. And policewomen are better receptive of people who are in need,” he indicated.


Mr Carrilho is in the country to participate in a capacity-building programme by the Ghana Police Service for officers lined up for UN missions and members of the Formed Police Unit in Accra.

Explaining the rationale for his request, he said both female and male police officers worked better together on peace missions where they helped to enhance the quality of life of people in troubled areas.

Before engaging his host in discussions behind closed doors, Mr Carrilho commended the Police Administration for being consistent in the deployment of personnel to participate in peacekeeping operations across the world.


Mr Oppong-Boanuh said the Ghana Police Service was prepared to contribute to peacekeeping operations to ensure a peaceful world.

He said his outfit would, therefore, consider the request to deploy more female police officers for peacekeeping operations.

“We are prepared to deploy more women for peacekeeping operations. We train our women alongside the men and I can assure you that the policewomen are very competent.

“Women police officers are able to deal with women victims better than male police officers.

Ghana has been one of the countries that produce more female officers and also deploy more female officers for operations.

So I believe the request is in order,” he added.

He described the visit by the UN Police Advisor as important to the Ghana Police Service, which could directly benefit from the experiences and expertise of the top police officer.


The Ghana Police Service, as part of its role in peacekeeping, provides protection for UN installations and refugee camps and also supports the training and rehabilitation of host police service, with the ultimate aim of returning those countries back to democracy.

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It has actively been involved in peacekeeping missions at the sub-regional, regional and international levels since 1960.

Personnel of the service were part of the initial deployment of a peacekeeping mission to the Congo in 1960, which was the beginning of peacekeeping operations in Africa.

A total of 5,248 Ghanaian policemen and officers have so far served humanity in the various UN and AU peacekeeping operations





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