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No one is born a criminal,Society produces many of those


~when a politician corruptly pockets the funds meant for education infrastructure and social support systems; he denies our society the opportunity have well trained engineers, doctors, farmers, teachers Andy architects but rather produces many armed robbers and tricksters into our society.


This politician is the causer, the so called ‘criminals’ are only effects.


This corrupt politician who destroys our society and our future is let go freely but we become happy seeing armed robbers being put to jail for 60 years because we have failed to look at the problems we have as a whole.


We are massaging symptoms, we are not fighting the disease.”


Therefore the government of today’s Ghana have allegedly being engage in alot of sandals but respectfully I have never heard nor seen your highly respected office inviting the government officials.


Below is some alleged sandals government officials under the leader of president Nana Addo.



  1. PDS fraudulent deal

  2. $10 million wasted on Cocoa roads Audit

  3. $4.5 million AfCON profligate expenditure

  4. Ministry of Finance pays Ghc1 million to Kroll Associates for no work done – Auditor General

  5. 12 top state infrastructure designs sole-sourced to one firm

  6. Ghc283 million paid in judgement debt

  7. Ghc3 million renovated warehouses defective

  8. Appointment of Kwame Owusu (Iceman) as board chairman for GRA after installing 11 ACs in two bedroom facility

  9. Ghc9.6 billion lost to corruption since 2017

  10. $17,000 per hour private jet hired by president to tour the world

  11. Mac Manu fingered in $1.5 billion MPS deal

  12. Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company increases allowances by 400%

  13. Minister of state at Presidency busted over bribery attempt on Star FM Journalist over galamsey exposé

  14. NHIS divert Ghc17 million into private investment company

  15. Ghc3.9 million to buy condoms

  16. Appointment of MD for non-existent Keta Sea Port

  17. Militants train at Presidency Annex (Osu Castle)

  18. Presidential staffers caught on video over galamsey bribes

  19. Fight at GNPC between CEO and Board Chairman (Freddy Blay) over procurement

  20. Ghana included in European Commission dirty money list

  21. Ministry of Health anti-snake serum procurement breaches

  22. Ayawaso West Wuogon by-elections turn war zone

  23. $12 million worth of fertiliser for Planting for Food and Jobs missing

  24. Government trades Aisha Huang for Chinese loan

  25. Government busted in $12 million Oslo consulate deal

  26. Ghc18k entertainment allowances for Sanitation Minister

  27. $12.5 million sole-sourced contract for blood distribution drones

  28. Presidential staffers list increases from 998 to 1,614

  29. Ghc297,585 missing at Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly

  30. $14 million blown by Ministry of Tourism over capacity building

  31. EOCO official suspended for calling on President Akufo-Addo to prosecute his own corrupt officials

  32. 2 bedroom resident renovated at Ghc1 million by GMA (Ghana Maritime Authority boss – Kwame Owusu now Board Chairman for GRA)

  33. Ghana Maritime Authority boss blows Ghc700 per head on lunch in a day

  34. Ghc1.5 million rot uncovered at EPA

  35. PMMC Baird adjusts allowances upwards

  36. Ghana travels with the largest delegation to UN conference

  37. Government distributed expired food items to flood victims

  38. Asuogyaman DCE buys Ghc1,850 printer for Ghc16,000

  39. Over 600,000 litres of BOST contaminated fuel disappears

  40. Board chairman of Auditor-General Department violating procurement processes

  41. Government lies over destruction of 10,000 hectares of farm lands under Planting for Food and Jobs

  42. Sawla DCE awarding contracts to himself

  43. GNPC buys $7.5 million property from CEOs former company

  44. Government destroys bungalows of judges in anticipating of raising funds to build national cathedral

  45. Government restores quota system in Nursing Training institutions through back door

  46. CEO of Forestry Commission fingered in galamsey

  47. Adwoa Safo takes $8,500 from NHIA for USA trip

  48. NHIA blows 62k on Government communicators

  49. Ghc697 million squandered in 2017 by Ministry of Finance

  50. Flagstaff House guards busted in robbery, rape

  51. NACOB excluded from Port checks

  52. Wife of Sammy Awuku grabs juicy Free Zones Feeding contract

  53. Gifty Klenam blows Gh93k on clothing allowance

  54. Gifty Klenam blows $132 on rent

  55. Peter Mac Manu in conflict of interest at GPHA as wife is handed juicy contracts

  56. GFA Nyantakyi solicits Ghc8 million bribe for Akufo-Addo, Bawumia

  57. Rot at NHIA – Audit Service

  58. $89 million dubious KelniGVG contract

  59. CEO of Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company awards fictitious contracts

  60. Ghana loses Gh1 million in undervalued Metro Mass bus sales

  61. Metro Mass MD fingered in corruption

  62. Sports Ministry, Pius Hadzide in visa racketeering scandal

  63. Wife of Kennedy Agyapong handed Ghc100.2 million sole-sourced streetlights contract

  64. 11 contracts of NLA packaged and handed over to sister-In-law of MD in a day

  65. Ghc28.8 million procurement scandal at MASLOC

  66. President Akufo-Addo gifted NPP Ghc5 million for Cape Coast Conference

  67. Fisheries Minister kicks out Director from office over fight against corruption in her administration

  68. Ketu South MCE smuggles in $3.2 million luxury vehicle.

  69. DVLA sells Ghc10 first aid kit for Ghc100

  70. Special Development Ministry blows Ghc800k on website

  71. Expats charged $100k to sit with Akufo-Addo

  72. Ken Attafuah sacks NIA staff for criticising Akufo-Addo on Facebook

  73. NLA boss takes $60k personal loan from service provider

  74. Ghc100k spent to change name of Tamale Sports Stadium to Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium

  75. Akuffo-Addo makes U-turn, endorses Jospong a company he branded as corrupt

  76. Over 200 instances of premix fuel diversions recoded in 2017

  77. Ghc1.9 billion allocated to presidency in 2018

  78. Government blows Ghc177 million on failed energy bond

  79. NPP youth invade police station, frees suspects at Karaga

  80. Hajj board official in over Ghc23k visa fraud

  81. Ghana blows $2.5 million on GhanaPostGPS

  82. In-law of Vice President appointed Ghana’s Ambassador to UAE

  83. CEO of Tamale Teaching Hospital chased out of office

  84. District Assemblies to cough Ghc5k each to fund Akufo-Addo’s tour

  85. CID cooks report to clear two Deputy Chiefs of Staff

  86. Ahanta West DCE rejects official bungalow, blows Ghc22k on hotel accommodation

  87. Finance Minster in procurement breaches over Ghc10 million loan to MacDan

  88. NPP grabs Ghc900 million from two banks without board approval

  89. Osafo Marfo appoints two sons into top government positions

  90. Stephen Ntim appointed Lands Commission boss under a repealed law

  91. Ghc5.6 million blown in Ghana@60 March parade

  92. Ghc9 million spent by Agric Minister to procure fake chemicals to fight army worms

  93. BOST boss in 5 million litres contaminated fuel deal

  94. Invisible Forces seize Trotro Station, assaults drivers in Accra

  95. Northern Regional Minister, Bugri Naabu clash over road contracts

  96. 10,000 bags of fertiliser missing

  97. Akufo-Addo sacks 13,000 public sector workers

  98. A-G drops charges against NPP Delta Forces

  99. Medical Director of Ridge Hospital sacked without due process

  100. The Vice Chancellor of UEW, Professor Avoke chawed out of office under ridiculous circumstances

  101. 2.2 billion conflict of interest Bond involving Ken Ofori-Atta.



And now

  1. The Galamsey nonsense and the flying Excavators.

We are all building one inclusive future for the coming generation.



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