CEO of controversial gold trading company, Golden Empire Legacy Ltd, has revealed that her marriage was destroyed after her husband had an affair with one of her trusted friends.

Joana Gyan who had a chat with KSM on his show ‘Bo me Nkomo’ noted her husband who was a foreigner gave her the options of either allowing him marry her friend as his second wife or pack out of his house.

Sharing her life story, Joana Gyan said she migrated to Accra to work as a house help and gradually moved on to sell phones at circle.

During her time as a phone seller, her uncle who used to work as a driver at the airport introduced her to her late husband, who had come to Ghana to marry his online girlfriend he had spent so much money on only to find out she didn’t exist.


“He (the late husband) showed pictures of the said lady to the driver and he (the driver) told him the lady in the picture doesn’t look like a Ghanaian. Since it was his first time in Ghana the driver took him to a hotel. He came for my picture the following day to show to the white man to see if he’ll be interested in me…he (the white man) called to say he wanted to see me and gave me an envelope full of pounds when I went,” Joana narrated.

After courting for about 8-months, the two got married and moved into a 7-bedroom house.

Joana who says she was naïve at the time says, she was staying with eight friends before her marriage and decided to allow her friends move in with her and her husband but that destroyed her marriage.

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“One of my friends had an affair with my husband and after that, my husband’s attitude changed towards me. He told me that I should either allow him marry my friend as well or I should pack by things and leave. I am not a greedy person, so I packed my things and left him with all my friends in the house and I haven’t returned to that house till date”.

About a year later her husband came to beg for forgiveness, and she forgave him.

She further revealed that her husband went to UK to get money for them to start a gold trading company but unfortunately he died just week after he arrived in the UK and that put their plan on hold till she was able to gather the needed resources and support to start her business.