Kundali Bhagya Episode 54 Update on Thursday 8th February 2018

 Preeta requests Karan to let her prove herself. Karan was irked and not ready to accept Sherlin as guilty. He decides to directly speak to Sherlin and understand the whole matter by himself. He watches Sherlin had just arrived and was greeting Sherlin. Karan comes to take her to Rishab. Kareena was happy Rishab wanted to meet her, it’s a perfectly positive sign for Rishab. Upstairs, Sherlin recognizes it was Karan’s room. Karan says he knows it sounds stupid but Preeta thinks Sherlin was involved in food poisoning case. Sherlin looks astonished and calls Preeta a middle classed narrow minded girl. Karan thinks Sherlin must feel jealous, why she is saying so. Sherlin asks Karan if he trusts her. Karan replies he does, Preeta says anything about anyone. Sherlin says even Kareena thinks Preeta
would try and trap him as well. Karan asks why Sherlin considers they can be trapped. Sherlin turns to go to Rakhi, Karan asks if for food poisoning; and observes her carefully. He then mentions Preeta went to her house last night. Sherlin lies she was here with Rakhi. Karan thinks there must be a proof about it as well. Downstairs, Sherlin thinks Preeta must not have come to her home, else she must have unveiled her reality by now. She decides to go to Rakhi first, then take Rishab in her own hands. She asks a servant about Rishab.
In the room, Karan denies any truth about what Preeta said. He says if Sherlin was with Rakhi how she could meet another boy. He thinks Preeta is a liar, he won’t ever believe her made up stories.

There at home, Shrishti was lost in thoughts of Sameer. Dadi comes to take her attention to the tea. Dadi complains that both of them sisters never share their problems. Preeta also slept at night without saying anything. Shrishti asks if we can share our problems with someone whom we hate. Dadi says if we really hate, we don’t. Shrishti takes Dadi to do some house chores.
In the room, Karan comes to greet Rakhi and compliments she looks really fresh. Rakhi says he appears to be really responsible. She tells Karan that his father was here whole night, and didn’t let her with nurse. Karan says Sherlin was here last night, no? Rakhi says Sherlin only came for a few minutes; children today never get time to be with them. She clarifies to Karan that Sherlin wasn’t here last night. Karan was thoughtful. He thinks Mr. Luthra would know if Sherlin was here, and if not then Preeta must be right.
Shrishti brings tea for Preeta. Dadi asks Preeta if anything worked last night. Preeta apologizes for being upset last night. Shrishti asks Preeta what she spoke to Sherlin about, they were so stressed at home but Preeta didn’t share anything. Preeta wonders if she must tell them what she saw last night, then decides it’s not the right time. Preeta tells Shrishti that Sherlin wasn’t home. Shrishti asks why Preeta was so tensed then. Preeta reminds Shrishti to focus on Sarla’s bail. Dadi tells Preeta to take the packet to police station.
Rishab couldn’t focus on work and thought about Preeta’s complaint about leaving her helpless when her mother is in jail. He thinks he should call Preeta but had no courage, as he broke his promise. He decides to atleast apologize. Sherlin comes from behind and greets him. Rishab impulsively says Preeta ji. Sherlin decides not to lend him any time to think about Preeta, she will now.
There, Preeta tells the whole story about going to hospital, to witnessing Sherlin as characterless to Rishab’s denial of any help. She decides they will help themselves and hire a good lawyer. She asks Dadi for the rent of hall which they will now use to save Sarla. Dadi tells her to take the money from their room.
Rishab asks Sherlin if she reached home safe. Sherlin says she was really concerned about Rakhi whole night. Rishab says she is fine now. Sherlin says she has to take care of Rakhi at this time. Sherlin notices Rishab was still lost in some thoughts.
In the corridor, Karan asks Mr. Luthra who says Sherlin didn’t come to the room whole night. Karan wonders if Sherlin was really here.
Rishab turns to leave. Sherlin convinces him to speak to her mother. Karan had come downstairs and watches Sherlin deliberately pull the rug and fell into Rishab’s arms. He thinks Sherlin is a drama queen, so this is her reality. She is a liar.

PRECAP: Karan assures Preeta he will do what his heart says, and get her mother freed from jail. Preeta holds his hands in gratefulness

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