Kumkum Bhagya Episode 996 Update on Thursday 8th February 2018

The Episode starts with Abhi looking at Pragya’s pic and asks her to come back soon. Pragya comes to him and asks him to come fast. Abhi asks why you are walking. Pragya tells him that Purab is in dangerand tells about Disha’s call. Abhi says I will go. Pragya says I will also come, if you don’t take me then I will go by myself. Abhi calls Anil and says can I take a plane to Haryana in 30 mins. They leave. Disha comes to the Sangram’s bungalow’s godown/cellar and hears the goons talking and they go to have tea. She thinks this seems to be Sangram’s men and thinks where is Purab? She searches for him. She takes the stairs and gets inside. Purab is tied inside. She sees him tied and wounded. Kuch toh hai song plays…..She gets emotional and cries. She blames herself and thinks Purab
was going to Mumbai but she stopped him. She thinks to go inside and save him. The goon teases Purab and don’t give him water. Sangram smiles. Disha feels apologetic and thinks she will save him.
Sangram asks him to call Pandit to get him married to Disha, and asks him to bring same pandit who couldn’t solemnized their wedding before. Disha thinks she won’t let him succeed and thinks she will not leave him to marry anyone and asks God not to let her kill him. She thinks he has beaten Purab so much. She gets down from the window and some bamboos falls on goon. Goon thinks there may be rat or cat here as it is old house. Disha hides.
Simonika comes to Abhi’s room with drugged juice in her hand. She calls Pragya and thinks where is Abhi and Pragya? Where they have gone. Mitali comes there and pats on her. Simonika gets scared and tells that she brought Pragya’s medicine and juice. Mitali laughs and says you are doing Robin’s work, and says you will not get extra salary for this. Simonika says its ok and asks where is Pragya? Mitali takes the juice and says she will drink it. She drinks it and says it is good.
Simonika asks where they went? Mitali says Purab and Disha called them and scolds her. Simonika thinks now her. She thinks to kill Abhi once he is back. Disha thinks what to do, and goes inside and burns the place so that goons run out. Sangram Singh asks his men to set off the light and thinks whom to handle now, Purab or this fire.

The goons go out leaving Purab inside. Disha thinks it seems everyone is here, and goes inside.

Purab sees Disha and asks what you are doing here? Disha says I saw them taking you, and cries seeing his wounds. Purab aks why did you come here, they are very dangerous. Disha says for you. Kuch toh hai plays….Purab says this is Sangram plan to trap you and says you would have understood and asks her to leave. Disha says I will not go alone and says I didn’t marry you for this day. She says I don’t care about my life, but can’t see you here. She says I couldn’t fulfill wife’s duty, but will take all your pains. Purab asks her to open the rope before they return. She opens the rope.
Purab says how we will go. Disha says she had set on the fire so that they all get busy. Sangram sees Purab and Disha in the broken mirror and gets angry.
Pragya and Abhi are in the temple. Abhi says we will sit in car silently and go with them. Abhi says I know how to drive car and asks her to be silent for sometime. He looks at the goon…

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